Xbox & Bethesda Showcase No-Shows: Late 2023 and Beyond

Microsoft chose to focus the Xbox and Bethesda showcase on games coming out next year, but that meant many well-known titles coming out after that weren’t featured. Here are some of the notable absentees…

We got to see all sorts of new announcements during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, with MS also dropping a chart detailing Xbox titles launching this year and in the first half of 2023. Still, many titles announced by Xbox Game Studios will be looking to drop at Q3 2023 and beyond, so here’s a rundown of the big ones we know about, when we last heard about them, and when we think they’re likely to launch.

always wild

Last official update: September 2020
Rare’s beautiful fantasy adventure still seems a long way off, with reports this time last year suggesting Everwild’s radio silence was due to the game restarting from scratch. We still don’t even know what the game makes of it isand it looks like we might not even see a new reveal for a while – those same reports suggested that Everwild was “optimistically” aiming for a 2024 launch window. So realistically, there’s every chance that that could have slipped into 2025 by now, especially if development was indeed fully restarted on the game.

perfect dark

Last official update: December 2020
The Initiative’s return to the world of Rare’s classic N64 shooter (and later 360 launch title, Perfect Dark Zero) is another project that seems to be struggling. Reports surfaced earlier this year suggesting the developer had lost around half of its staff, which “heavily affected” the progress of the reboot. It can’t help that development is aided by Crystal Dynamics, with that studio now undergoing its own changes following Square Enix’s sale of the developer to Embracer last month. Whatever state Perfect Dark is in, it seems pretty clear that we won’t see it for a while.


Last official update: July 2020
Obsidian’s RPG was a no-show at last year’s E3, with the team coming out after to say we’d be seeing more Advocate soon, but that still hasn’t happened, sadly. . In this case, however, we’re probably not looking for a development conflict, but rather a volume issue. Obsidian has fillers on the go – as well as Avowed, he’s still working on Grounded, has The Outer Worlds 2 in the works, and even announced another one new title at Xbox & Bethesda Showcase in Pentiment. If we had to guess, we’d say Admitted probably didn’t fall into the show’s one-year window, but there’s currently nothing to suggest that. could not arriving as soon as late 2023, though we’ve yet to see anything more than that initial reveal nearly two years ago. The team’s full slate would be enough to suggest that might come a little later, however…

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2

Last official update: February 2022
The conversation around Hellblade’s follow-up has been fairly continuous since its reveal in late 2019, with plenty of little updates here and there before we saw expanded gameplay at The Game Awards last year. It’s an extremely ambitious project that seems to be much larger than the first game, which itself was announced a good three years before its launch. Senua’s saga resembles that of the “late 2023” stack, though it could be further removed still if the true scale of the game extends far beyond what we know so far.


Last official update: July 2020
Playground’s Fable project is another one that hasn’t seen the light of day since its initial announcement, with only a few interviews coming out right after the reveal to tell us more. As the first stab in a non-racing game for the team, this one was always going to need a little more baking time, especially given the fantasy series’ long non-racing history. enough be able to realize the full scope of the vision originally promised. Reports earlier in the year suggested progress had been a little slow due to Playground’s lack of genre experience, but seeing as it’s been in development for around five years at this point, you’d expect that. that the team have a lot to show for their efforts so far, even if they haven’t shown anything. Phil Spencer said we’ll see this and Avowed before The Elder Scrolls VI, but considering it was still in the design phase this time last year, that doesn’t really bring it down much. MS will also want to give all those big RPGs (and Starfield) room to breathe, so development progress won’t be the only factor when they all ship, especially with competing titles like the next Dragon Age to consider. The end of 2023 looks optimistic for that, but I think Fable might be further along than we think…

GoldenEye 007

Last official update: N / A
A strange exception on this list as the only game that hasn’t been announced, the GoldenEye 007 remaster has been buzzing since we first picked up the achievements on the very first day of 2022. Some rumblings suggest a reveal scheduled for earlier this year may have been postponed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but the more optimistic among us were expecting to see it at the showcase. Alas, this was not the case, although there was is yet another main window to come. Gamescom takes place at the end of August and overlaps with the 25th anniversary of the N64 original on August 25 – a better opportunity for a shadow-drop we may have never seen.

State of Decay 3

Last official update: July 2020
2020’s 90-second CG trailer is literally all we’ve got on Undead Labs’ upcoming zombie-filled survival adventure, so much so that there’s not even a mention of State of Decay 3 on the trailer. developer’s official website. There’s a big game somewhere at the heart of State of Decay, but the series has seemed to lack the kind of polish to push it up the ranks into a first-game heavy hitter position. There’s no shortage of zombie games either – MS has even courted big third parties like Back 4 Blood in Game Pass – so I feel like Undead Labs might have enough leeway to take its time to get them right. things, make sure third time really is the charm, and State of Decay finally gets a game that lives up to the franchise’s obvious potential.


Last official update: January 2021
It’s been almost 18 months now since news broke about MachineGames picking up the iconic hat and whip to be the next team to make an Indy game, and once again it’s been as quiet as the grave ever since, at shares some conflicting rumors surrounding the game’s exclusivity recently. Still, with Tomb Raider dev Crystal Dynamics busy with several other projects and Sony seemingly done with Uncharted at the moment, there won’t be any rush to release it, is it not? Well, not quite. The next movie is currently slated for a June 2023 release and it would be surprising if MS didn’t look to piggyback on the hype of Harrison Ford’s final stint as Indy, whether or not the game is finished on time. for that is of course an entirely different matter. Don’t write MachineGames on that front, thought – it’s released three Wolfenstein games in the span of five years, so we’ve seen how fast the team can work, so this one seems like a potentially good fit for the Q3 2023 slot exclusive or not.

What about other proprietary studios?

That’s all that was announced that we didn’t get any updates on during the showcase (nearly all of them being games for Q3 2023 and later), but even that leaves a fair amount of owner teams not counted. The Coalition announced in May last year that it was moving to Unreal Engine 5, and engine changes aren’t a quick thing – which is what the tech-savvy team first dazzles us with using UE5 Whether that’s a new Gears, the rumored Gears collection, or something else entirely is still a mystery, but it probably won’t be for a while. Then there’s Compulsion Games, who we know are working on a new third-person adventure game, but we’re unlikely to see that for a while either. Double Fine Productions has several new projects underway, and while we’ll likely see smaller games and titles released/supported over the next few years, don’t hold your breath for anything Psychonauts 2-level anytime soon. .

psychonauts 2 reviews xbox

InXile Entertainment, meanwhile, has been spotted hiring for a new UE5 first-person RPG, so you have to imagine that this completely new style of gameplay means this one is a long time coming. Id Software has also posted job openings for roles in classic FPS franchises, hinting at a possible return of Quake (or perhaps a return to duty of Wolfenstein as MachineGames struggles on Indy), but Id takes its time with his games and the results are usually worth it, right, Doom? Next is World’s Edge, and aside from some slight rumblings about a possible return to Age of Mythologies (which would blast Heidi), there’s nothing to report yet. Finally, Tango Gameworks only recently shipped Ghostwire: Tokyo as a timed PlayStation exclusive, so it’s probably not too deep into its next project just yet, and while we expect to see Ghostwire coming to Xbox and Game Pass once its period of exclusivity comes to an end, it’s surprising that we haven’t yet had similar confirmation for Deathloop. Arkane’s time-loop shooter is released from its shackles in mid-September this year, but it’s nowhere on Microsoft’s roadmap for the next 12 months. Any cause for concern, or is the focus only on brand new games in new MS visuals? Well, the appearance of live service games like Halo Infinite and Sea of ​​Thieves as well as third-party titles like Modern Warfare II and Hogwarts Legacy would suggest that’s not the case, so maybe that will quietly come to Xbox later this year. Or maybe the team decided it wasn’t worth it, or Sony extended its exclusivity window? We won’t know until Microsoft confirms the status of the Xbox versions of these two games, but hopefully we’ll have some news in the coming months.

With a follow-up showcase scheduled for tomorrow, it’s possible that Microsoft strength are looking to share updates on some of these first-party titles that are more advanced, although we expect this to be a deeper dive into some of the newly announced games from the mainline show, like this was the case last year. Looks like we’ve got our master slate for the next year of Xbox games, and it’s extremely unlikely that any of the games here (with the sole exception of GoldenEye) will be advanced enough to sneak into the current mainstream. -The 2023 lineup. We’ll be back tomorrow with all the news from the second event, and we’ll let you know when we know more about these great games coming to Xbox in Q3 2023 and beyond!

Which of these are you most looking forward to and which are you most worried about? Let us know!

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