Treat yourself to a dream food affair while enjoying local art and music at this cool event


This story is brought to you by BEYOND.

Located in the contemporary space of Tiffin At The Yard, Sentul Depot, BEYOND is KL’s latest experiential affair that merges the best of local art, music and food under one roof, starting November 3 .


Not to be confused with Tiffin Food Court at PJ, you might remember this historic building from some of the city’s hippest events in years past.

And as the world slowly but surely picks up its pace, there’s no better way to stimulate your senses than with a fun night out, dressed (and masked) – drinking and dining, while listening to music. cool talented local artists. Ahh, surely you missed that too?

Since we live in a different time now, remember to follow the necessary SOPs.

Take a look at BEYOND in the video below:

Here is everything you can expect from BEYOND:

1. Concoctions of creative cocktails by Dissolved Solids


At the helm of the BEYOND Bar, mixologists Tracia Chan and Jack Lai offer an inventive cocktail menu that incorporates plants and Malaysian flavors.

From Coco Pandan Chiffon, a delicious blend that includes rum and coconut liqueur, to Grapefruit Laksa, which includes Daun Kesum infused gin, the talented duo reinterpret local ingredients for a surprise with every sip. Cocktails with creamy pandan sponge cake, do you like it?

Oh, and if you’re not drinking, no need to sweat, as the bar also serves chiffon and grapefruit mocktails.


2. Beautifully prepared gourmet menus that contain 100% locally sourced ingredients

The BEYOND food menu features tasty dishes from brilliant chefs, such as Christian Recomio from Alta and Daniel Yap from Gooddam.

With a total of six items to sample, Recomio and Yap each came up with three dishes to serve at their respective cooking stations at BEYOND.

Combining a European twist with Malaysian flavors and ingredients, here’s what’s on the menu:


Focaccia Fantasy

– Homemade focaccia with salsa verde, whipped buffalo ricotta and marinated zucchini

Beyond the hamburger

– #Altaburger sambal atas (an ironic take on the meaty Ramly beef burger)

Sweet discovery

– Italian brioche Maritozzo, caramelized water chestnut and oolong cream


Salmon Passion

– Salmon with local herbs on a nest of potatoes, passion fruit aioli

Game changer

– Roasted duck agnolottis, tomato passata and Buddha hand citrus

Coconut sensation

– Salted coconut panna cotta, snow, roselle jam and pandan oil

3. Cool art installations that you can admire AND use as aesthetic backgrounds for photo ops

Showcasing the works of four Malaysian artists – XiaYi, Shakir, Tottie and Sputnik Forest Labs – you can admire these installations, scattered across the vast space. Moreover, you can also get creative with your poses for Instagram worthy photos.

Look for the man-made forest of Sputnik Forest Labs, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Penang, or the mobile art of Tottie described as tangible imagination. There’s also XiaYi’s photography exhibit inspired by film negatives from her childhood, and a moody light projection show that cascades onto Shakir’s flowing white fabric, so you’ll be able to capture a variety of artistic photos.

Here is the list of art installations that you can consult:

1. Scene A from Sputnik Forest

2. Kinetic art structures by Tottie

3.Time Machine and photography display by XiaYi

4. Shakir fabric projection aisle

Simply scan the QR codes next to the art exhibits if you want to learn more about the artist and his inspiration behind each piece.

4. An exclusive Instagram AR filter you can have fun with

Perfect for enjoying with your friends, you can scan and download this exclusive AR filter on Instagram as you walk into the living room (where you can also find the bar). Made in collaboration with local artist Tottie, you can expect it to be super cool.

Want a chance to win a free drink at the bar? Post a clip using the BEYOND Sensations filter on Instagram, tag @ Beyond.MY and add the hashtags #BeyondMY, #BeyondSenses and #BeyondMalaysia to join the excitement.

5. There is more fun to catch! You can also participate in the Eye of the Mind game.

What you see is a matter of perspective, isn’t it? Test your eyes with this game, which you can find and participate in in the BEYOND Lounge upstairs.

You will have 30 seconds to discover the words of an illusion displayed on a screen. A series of illusions will play out each time you start the game. And if you don’t get it right the first time, you’ll have several chances to try again throughout the night.

Check out a preview of the game below:

6. In addition to everything else, you can relax and vibrate to the music of local musicians like NYK, Roshan and AFARO

You can show your appreciation for local artists in an intimate setting at BEYOND. From NYK’s FWB and Daylight to Roshan’s Forbidden Fruit and AFARO’s 2019 single Cloud Nine, expect to be lulled into original music by these talented musicians.

Overall, BEYOND promises a unique sensory adventure, comprising four main elements: touch, sight, taste and sound.


Tiffin at court,

Sentul Depot,

Sentul West,

51100 Kuala Lumpur,

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur


Head to Sentul Depot to experience the excitement for yourselves. You can sign up to stay informed here.

For more information, see the BEYOND Instagram or Facebook page.

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