The 10 Best Nickelodeon Shows Available to Watch on Netflix

Nickelodeon is known as one of the best kids’ channels in history and remains so today. These sitcoms filled with lighthearted gags and witty humor still hold up today. This is why many people find themselves rewatching shows that were created over 10 years ago.

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Previously, Nickelodeon was keen on releasing its shows on Netflix despite other popular shows releasing theirs. Finally, some of the biggest gems Nickelodeon produced in the late 00s and early 10s are available to stream.


“Kenan and Kel” (1997)

Kenan and Kel is a 90s sitcom about the lives of two best friends Kenan (Kenan Thompson) and Kel (Kel Mitchell) who live in Chicago. The teenagers embark on wacky adventures and help each other with the problems that come with them. Most of the storylines revolve around Kenan’s main goal of getting rich, which usually goes awry due to Kel’s giddy personality.

The show also features Kenan’s family and his boss Chris Potter (Dan Frischman). The sitcom also has a unique opening, in which Kenan speaks directly to the audience in front of a red curtain about how the episode will unfold. Kel, who is generally confused about what’s going on, opens and closes the show with the same line, “Aww, here we go!”

“The Fairly Odd Parents” (1998)

This animated sitcom Fairly Odd Parents centers on the life of Timmy Turner (Strong Tara), who is often neglected by his parents. Due to his lonely life, he is granted “Fairly OddParents” Cosmo (Jason Alexander) and Wanda (Susanne Blakeslee). Together, the three work through the difficulties Timmy is having at school due to bullying. As well as outside the school of his diabolical nanny Vicky (Gray DeLisle).

With the use of Cosmo and Wanda’s magical powers, Timmy can have anything he wants. But, more often than not, his wishes get him in more trouble than he originally had. Which teaches Timmy lessons on how to deal with the problems in his life on his own.

‘Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide’ (2003)

Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide is a slapstick sitcom centered on the lives of middle schooler Ned Bigby (Devon Werkheiser), Jennifer Mosley (Lindsey Shaw) and Simon Nelson-Cook (Daniel Curtis Lee). As the trio go through quirky and witty adventures, Ned helps himself and his classmates overcome the difficulties of middle school with the help of his school survival guide.

What makes this series particularly hilarious is its timing and use of slapstick sound effects that aren’t commonly used outside of animation. The show is also written by Scott Fellows who wrote the infamous Nickelodeon show Fairly Odd Parents that’s why most of the sound effects sound familiar.

‘Zoey 101’ (2005)

Zoe 101 is a comedy-drama based on the teenage life of Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears) and his friends who attend Pacific Coast Academy. Pacific Coast Academy is a boarding school that has just opened its attendance for girls. Following this decision, Zoey and her friends Nicole Bristow (Alexa Nikolas), Quinn Pensky (Erin Sander), Dana Cruz (Christine Herrera), and Lola Martinez (Victoria Justice) challenge common gender stereotypes.

Zoey, her girlfriends, and her guy friends also go through crushes and the drama that comes with dating. Specifically, the show follows the slow romance between Zoey and Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn).

‘Avatar the Last Airbender’ (2005)

avatar the last airbender is an action-adventure anime series that often includes drama. This nostalgic show is about a trio of friends that includes Avatar Aang (Zachary Tyler Eisen), Katara (Mae Whitman), and his brother Sokka (Jack DeSena). Later in the series, the group meets Topf Beifong (jessie flower) who is also joining their team. Together they help train Aang on his journey to restore balance between the four nations of their world. Who have been at war with the dominant Fire Nation for 100 years due to Aang’s disappearance and neglect by the world.

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Despite the series’ intense premise, the show has philosophical wisdom as well as humorous gags to keep it light and digestible for kids. The series is a cult favorite due to its views on equality, peace, and wisdom. The show has done so well that there’s even a spin-off called, The Legend of Korra.

“H2O Just Add Water” (2006)

H2O Just add water is a teenage fantasy series about mermaids living in Australia. The show focuses on a trio of girls who wouldn’t be friends if one magical night on Mako Island didn’t bring them together. Somehow, the three girls, Cleo Sertori (Phoebe Tonkin), Rikki Chadwick (Cariba Heine), and Emma Gilbert (Claire Holt) find themselves on the island during a full moon.

While trying to find a way off the island, the three fall into a cave. The cave houses a lunar pool that they all decide to swim across to leave. But, just as they’re in the pool, something magical happens with the full moon, and the three turn into mermaids. During the rest of the series, the three girls accompanied by their close friend Louis (Angus McLaren) must navigate keeping their life completely normal without revealing their fishy secret.

‘iCarly’ (2007)

iCarly is a teen sitcom about Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove), Sam Puckett (Janette McCurdy), Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress) and Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor). The humor-filled gag sitcom is about a web show hosted by Carly and Sam. The web series is made up of light-hearted goofy gags and was hugely popular around the world once it started.

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The three of them often address the ridicule of principles, other internet celebrities, and college students about their show. They also have to navigate the dramas of school life in addition to the drama of their webcast. The three also go through love and loss throughout the show, making it a perfectly balanced show for someone looking for some lighthearted drama.

Big time Rush(2009)

‘Big time Rush’ is a sitcom created by Scott Fellows, the show follows four teenagers who have just started their careers as boy bands. The four of them Kendall Knight (Kendall Schmidt), James Diamond (James Maslow), Carlos Garcia (Carlos Pena Jr.) and Logan Mitchell (Logan Henderson) as well as Kendall’s mother and sister embark on wacky misadventures through Los Angeles.

The boys also have to deal with the drama of fame, while dealing with budding new romances. Alongside the personal drama, the group works with its producer Gustavo (Stephen Kramer Glickman) and his assistant Kelly (Tanya Chisholm) which can be demanding at times, leading to conflict in the series.


‘Victorious’which is also written ‘ Victoriwe is a pun with the main character of Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) Last name. The sitcom centers on Tori and her incredible opportunity to attend the famed Hollywood Arts High School where she meets her friends Andre Harris (Leon Thomas III), Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett), Rex Powers (Robbie’s puppet), Jade West (elizabeth gillies), Valentine Cat (Ariana Grande), and Beck Olivier (before Jogia).

The group undergoes bizarre struggles due to their bizarre and unique personalities. They also have weekly performances and challenges made by Sikowitz (Eric Lange).

‘Sam and Cat’ (2013)

sam and cat is a teen sitcom and a spin-off of the two shows iCarly and Victorious. The main characters are Sam Puckett (jennette mccurdy) and Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande). The two girls move in with Cat’s grandmother, Nona (Tide Cheatham) after Sam saves Cat from being thrown into the back of a truck.

The two girls start a babysitting business called “Sam and Cat’s Super Rockin’ Funtime Babysitting Service” which takes them on all kinds of adventures. This show is the perfect watch for anyone who loves Victorious Where iCarly.

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