Target’s clearance label hack can save you even more money and shows you exactly how much you’re saving

A PRO shopper has revealed a Target clearance hack that shows exactly how much money you save with every purchase.

TikToker Sarah Salinas said you can actually see the percentage a product has been discounted with a hidden number on the price tag – and it also reveals if there could be greater savings in the future.


A shopping pro has revealed a clearance hack that can show you exactly how much money you’re saving at Target1 credit
TikToker Sarah Salinas revealed a small number in the right corner that indicates the item's discount percentage


TikToker Sarah Salinas revealed a small number in the right corner that indicates the item’s discount percentage1 credit

“Did you know that targeted clearance labels literally tell you how much they’re marked down?” Salinas said in an 18-second clip of her fingering through a Target rack.

Salinas pointed out how you can see a small number in the top corner of the updated clearance label.

“This one’s down to 70%,” she said, zooming in on the small number on the yellow label.

“This is the highest it will go, so whenever you look in the clearance section, always be sure to check the top of the label.”

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As Salinas pointed out, it’s important to note that 70% off is the lowest price a product will sell for in a store.

It is also a good indication of how long an item is in clearance.

If an item is marked down by 30%, it may mean that it just went on sale.

A patient buyer can pass on the product and see if they can find it later for a better price.

However, this is of course a gamble as someone else might pick up the item before it goes down to 70% off.

Either way, the simple Salinas hack is a great way to see exactly how much money you’re saving on a purchase before you choose to buy.

This comes as Target has already kicked off the holiday shopping week early by announcing incredible sales.

From October 6-8, Target’s annual Deal Days event will feature plenty of deals on everything from electronics to vitamins.

Here are some of the most notable offers.

1. Toys

Target is offering big savings on a few different toys from top brands.

Select toys among Barbie, Disney and LOL Surprise dolls are up to 50% off.

Other toys that will go on sale include the Disney Princess Moana Adventure Pack and a Barbie Teacher Playset.

2. Technology

Specifically, players are in luck.

A $300 Xbox Series X console will be discounted by $50 and will include a free controller.

Those looking for a new TV will get $350 off a normally $600 Westinghouse 65-inch Roku smart TV.

And cookware and kitchen appliances will be up to 40% off.

3. Clothing, cleaners and bedding

Various everyday items will also be up to 40% off.

This includes sheets, sweatpants and floor cleaner.

Deals haven’t been announced yet, so keep your eyes peeled.

4. Spend to save

Target is also encouraging shoppers to spend more by offering new discounts and gift cards.

Spending $25 on beauty products will get you a $5 gift card.

Buying at least $50 worth of groceries will get you another $10 gift card.

Separately, pouring $50 on household essentials will net an additional $15.

General ways to save money

As always when shopping, keep a few general savings tips in mind.

One of them includes buying house brand items rather than name brands.

This is said to save shoppers up to 30%.

And if you’re worried about sacrificing the taste of private label products over top brands, you shouldn’t.

Plus, you’ll want to keep some other general saving tips in mind.

That includes coupons, which could save the average household $1,465 a year, according to research from CouponFollow.

To get a coupon, you can check if they are offered on apps through the retailer you want to buy from.

Additionally, there are third-party apps including Rakuten and Ibotta that you can use for coupons.

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