Stranger Things Season 4 Musical Moments Ranked

Oh, come on, baby. Oh, come on, honey. Let me CLASSify these moments for you now.

stranger things Season 4 had some pretty EPIC moments, and most of them were underlined by some pretty iconic 80s songs.

So I ranked all the most important musical moments of the entire season, because it simply had to be done. Let’s go!



“Travelin’ Man” by Ricky Nelson


What a flippant little song for a kidnapping! We have a great time as Yuri loads Joyce and Murray onto his plane to be sold as prisoners to the Russian government. And it’s fun!


“Object of My Desire” by Starpoint


This song has energy and dynamism! And let us know we have love interests, honey! It was the perfect backdrop for one of Steve’s biggest lines, “I like crazy. You like crazy. Vickie likes crazy!” Hehehehe.


“Pass the Dutchie” by Musical Youth


Oh, wasn’t that a fun little comedy moment? The Byers’ house is being shot at by secret government agents and Argyle is just dancing to his stoner music, so oblivious to the adventure that awaits him. You must laugh.


“Wipeout” by The Surfaris


I honestly wanted to rate this the lowest because the MOMENT is blowing. It’s so hard to watch. Why are children so naughty? I’m still afraid of them, tbh! But this song is so good! If you’re mad, remember Angela eventually gets hers and feel better. (But actually, that scene made me physically sick.)


“Every Breath You Take” by The Police


Oh, do you think everything’s going to be okay now that we’re back at the Snow Ball? Well think again, darling! Vecna ​​literally said “I’ll be watching you!” EVERY step you take. EVERY move you make. Honestly, this song is starting to freak me out.


The Beach Boys’ “California Dreamin'”


This song was really effective here! It’s a certified bop, but there’s also a kind of sad, melancholy sentiment to it that really portrays Elle’s struggle with feeling so out of place in California, yet wanting to appear like she’s thriving. (Okay, wow. Guess I’m a music critic!)


“Up Around the Bend” by Creedence Clearwater Revival


The last two eps of season 4 are TENSE! But this (1) moment of levity was perfectly underlined by CCR. Is it a bit messed up to steal an RV? Sure. But let the girls have a little fun! I also really enjoyed Robin’s line, “It’s not every day that you lose your house and your car all at once.” This is really not the case!


“Detroit Rock City” door KISS


Episode 1 has a LOT of songs, but this moment was one of the best! Going back and forth between the Hawkins High basketball game and the Hellfire Club DnD campaign was FUN! The stakes have never been higher! (JK, everyone almost died 100 times). BUT, the song really worked here.


“Fire and Rain” by James Taylor


I feel like I’m going to get pissed off for this, so go tear me up in the comments, BUT I LOVED THIS MOMENT SO MUCH!! These two ANGELS talking about their future were so cute. Do I think they should end up together/Nancy should have 6 kids? Not necessarily. But it’s a great song and these two definitely have a connection! Come on, the world is ending, can’t you let these teens dream??


“Dream A Little Dream of Me” by Ella Fitzgerald


I really loved that song, but hahahahaha. I will never hear it the same way again hahahaha. Omg someone help me I’m scared hahahahah. AHHHHHHH!


“Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” by Kate Bush


This song is everything. The way they use it all season long is PURE BRILLIANCE. The first time we hear it, we get a little taste of Max’s new world without Billy, without his friends, and without Lucas. It’s LONELY AF. This song lets us know how much against it she is. We’ve always been rooting for you, girl!


“Apart Ways (Worlds Apart)” by Journey


THIS. MOMENT!!!! We are on our way to fight Vecna. We’re going to Murder House™. We give everyone their last look. And I don’t know about you, but I was a little stressed here because I literally thought every character was going to die.

I thought he was going to die.

I thought she was going to die. Then she did. :'(

I wasn’t too worried about his death, but you never know!

He definitely thought he was going to die and hated being right. Whyiiiiiiiii :”'(

He was too distracted by this outfit to think he was going to die. But maybe in the back of my head.

I felt like they couldn’t let her die, but they made believe maybe!!

I made prayer circles with my witch friends to make sure she didn’t die. You’re welcome.

And then Max bravely faces his fate. Like, what a fearless little badass.

And then it all crescendos with that last shot of the Creel house and says, “Are you ready for the finale, bitch?”


In fact, we weren’t ready.




This scene was coo-coo banana fun!! Wow wow wow. Eddie was just moaning over his guitar, luring all the Demobats away from Vecna’s lair so Nancy and Co. could fuck it all up. And there couldn’t be more to this scene!

Max tries to escape from prison in his own mind. Reliable.

Vecna ​​looms in every fucking corner shouting “Maxiiiiiiiine”. So off-putting.

Literal shitty tons of Demobats are on the move and they didn’t come to play, they came to kill. But as if for real.

Oh good! Jason is here! Just what we needed!

Why not throw a horrible memory of Billy into the mix? Maybe also !

But at the end of the day, this scene was EPIC! And Eddie is an angel and a rock star, and we’ll keep him in our hearts until the end of time.


“Stranger Things Theme (orchestral arrangement)”


Talk about a musical moment that made me nervous!! The gang is finally reunited in Hawkins, but there’s a catch: there’s some sort of open Hellmouth in the middle of town. Whoops ! But then the stranger things the theme begins to play and swell, and we get the latest looks from all of our favorites.

Like Karen Wheeler, who said, “I would like a bigger role in Season 5 please.” And we said, “Yes, Mawmaw! Us too!” (And Holly was also there).

Erica and Lucas were giving each other knowing looks, like “How about we make peace? Lol. … But what if?”

These three took a break from their PB&J duty and I’m not sure they asked.

Dustin had a chance all to himself. Little diva.

She was furious for the flowers. Everything except the flowers.

Mike and Will showed us all that gays and straight guys really can be friends. Who knew?

Joyce and Hopper were perfect and I didn’t make jokes about them because I love them too much.

And then we got this picture and we all got collectively pissed off.


Oh yeah, and now a lot of violins were playing. We loved it!


“Running That Hill Reprise I” by Kate Bush


Were you pissed earlier when you thought I ranked that song number 6? Hahaha. I got it, bitch! What a little rascal am I. But let’s be serious here. That moment was JAW DROPPPING!!!!!! Give “Dear Billy” an Emmy NOW. Let’s not wait. I don’t think I took a single breath during this whole sequence!

None as she ran up that hill.

Or when she made a pact with God.

Ok, we can breathe again.


I was completely emotionally dismantled when these four fell apart into a heap of friendship, and I really couldn’t believe what we had been through. We felt so safe, didn’t we? What fools we were back then. Not knowing what was next. But God bless Kate Bush. And speaking of Kate Bush…


Run Up That Hill Reprise II by Kate Bush


Here it is again! Hahaha. I bet you were like “But wait, if THIS is number 2, what is number 1?” But you forgot how many times this song was used. And THIS time it was precisely musical PERFECTION! Mix in the stranger things theme with this absolute classic gave us something we didn’t even know we could ask for!

We were able to see Eleven pin ol’ Vecs in a tree which was nice.

And I got to see this Demogorgon demo hole. (Omg I don’t know if I can say this, but oops I did. Hahah.)

Hopper had a GD sword! (Which my friends were like, “Where did he get a sword??” And I was like, “From the gun locker from earlier, God am I the only one watching this show ??”)

Steve, host that he is, concocted a good Molotov cocktail for Vecna.

Robin said, “Veccy-poo, do you want anotha?”

And he was like, “Yes m’am. Moar moar moar!”

And then Nancy showed us all that she’s actually the main character of the show.

And no one could disagree. (Except for the people in the comments.)

And Vecna ​​fell out the window like he was Kristen Johnston in Season 6 of Sex in the city. Goodbye, girl!

Wow. What a fun time we had. We have to leave it to music supervisor, Nora Felder this season. She really did an impeccable job from start to finish. We salute you and look forward to Season 5!

Did we miss any of your favorites stranger things musical moments? Let us know in the comments!

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