Sarah McLeod from Superjesus on her upbringing, music and relationship development

I had a crush on Michael J. Fox in Family ties. No male figure has changed me as much as he has. When he played Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode in the 1985 film Back to the future, I wanted to do the same. I used to play air guitar on a coffee table and jump and land on my knees like he did. I have terrible knees now because of this.


My first kiss was with Emilio, a cute little Italian boy from my last year of primary school. We kissed at his parents’ house where we played basketball. When I was fed up with him, I would date Heath. I would go back and forth whenever I felt like it. I was a crazy boy in those years.

My theater teacher at St Peter’s Girls’ School in Adelaide Mr. Edwards spoke to us like we were friends. He was younger than the other teachers and everything in his class was fun. I listened to every word he said.

My first serious boyfriend, Scott, was a drummer for a cover band, Velvet Soap Opera Company. I moved in with him and we dated for two years.

I started to go out Chris Tivez, the original guitarist of our band The Superjesus, in 1995. We dated for four years. I have always been with boys because of the group and I just became one of them. It was not until 2000 that I broke away and found my own identity.


I had a boyfriend, Dave, who was a fisherman. It didn’t work either. I realized that I was not good at maintaining relationships. I have a gypsy soul. There was a lot of uncertainty and transience in my youth and it continued into my adult life.

Superjesus bassist, Stuart Rudd, is a longtime friend. He’s hilarious, talented, and everyone loves him. We have a common goal and that’s why our relationship works.

I dated Chris Joannou de Silverchair in 2005 and 2006. I left him and I don’t even know why. I then briefly dated actor Daniel MacPherson which was fun. But when you have two motivated egos like Daniel and me, it just doesn’t work. That’s when I started dating women.

I felt more independent go out with women. It kept me from putting up with a lot. My old girlfriend and I are still very close. We don’t know where this is going, but I’m keeping everyone at bay because I got this lone wolf thing about me.

The Superjesus will perform in Spectacular Spectacular in Brisbane on December 10.

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