RushKing releases new music video featuring China Suarez

New music video for Rushking: Forget

China Suarez and Rushking They live an intense romance and have made several escapes together. During his visit to the city of Bariloche, the singer took the opportunity to record a video clip of his song “Olvidet”, which he had already performed through platforms with great success. The actress stuck with him throughout filming and also made a few cameos.

On his official Instagram account, the young artist took the opportunity to promote this new material and dedicated a message of thanks to those who helped him, including his current teammates: “Thank you to my wonderful team and especially @tomiraimon and @sangrejaponesa for joining me on this journey, I love you so much. Thank you to the people of Bariloche who received us incredibly well”.

In his stories, he posted a romantic photo kissing the former Benjamin Vicogne, With a wonderful landscape in Bariloche. “My beautiful Chinata”, The Garbage Picker wrote to express their affection and love for Suárez, who is also taking his first steps in music.

On the other hand, it must be remembered that the couple also went to Disney, where they enjoyed the vacation Rufina, magnolia You amancio, children of the actress. The duo shared different travel moments and postcards with their social media followers, in which they looked very much in love and happy at the lovely amusement park.

However, in the middle of their Disney adventure, it coincided with the celebration of friends day who won the rapper a way Public disdain from some of your friends traveling with the actress and After missing the Buenos Aires festivities.

Happy friends day to all. You must be wondering who the boy in the picture is… At this point I even question him, because he was my friend, my adventure partner…Tommy told him, I guess now he’s just a rusher“, wrote MadA famous A ray of lightOn his Instagram account, along with a black and white photo of the Chinese boyfriend, with the caption “Wanted” and a fake phone number: “If anyone has any information, contact him”, he wrote. he declares.

Considering the repercussions resulting from the publication of El Dimente, Rusher responded from Orlando:Laugh out loud I love you brother sorry I work I swear“You moved in with Ira for a month, and I complained?” No, I supported you because that’s what makes you happy. what hurts me“, closed the rapper.

Later, the streamer returned the case again, but this time it was the actress who answered. It all happened with a comment from the young man in his Instagram stories: “Man, I can’t believe it, I’m in an Uber and on the radio they say Rusher fought with his friends because China, What flashia ban“, he wrote next to selfie get on the car.

Suarez responded with his own account, clarifying his position: “It’s true. I said to him, ‘Choose your friend or me.’ And the result is more than obvious. crazy replied “China we return the rusher, it was ours!”, and he got the answer in the same ironic tone. ,Not even farting. It’s just me, he has no time for you, his friends. I don’t let him go to meetings because otherwise he knows he’s going to lose meSuarez concluded.

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