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Sitting by a river or lake and watching the sun set or rise is a wonderful experience. You bask with your line in the water, waiting for a fish to bite the hook. Hunting your prey can take hours and sometimes you come away empty-handed, but that doesn’t matter. The pleasure is in the hunt and the opportunity to relax in peace and serenity. Fishing adventure allows you to discover all the strengths of this calm and peaceful sport. You’ll cast your line, wait for a bite, and reel in a big fish.

Developped by Master code and published by Ultimate Games, this is a relaxing fishing simulation title. Originally published for To smoke in 2019, it received mostly positive feedback for its gameplay and overall styling. Console gamers can now see what it’s all about as they travel to an array of lakes to catch monstrous fish.

Fishing adventure leaps straight into the action like a salmon up a stream.

As I loaded up I expected to be greeted with a fun but well-honed tutorial. I was shocked when that didn’t happen and had to leap into action like a salmon up a stream. Armed with a fishing rod, bait and a basic hook, I searched for a “suitable” spot and got to work. The simplicity of the gameplay brought me back and left me wondering how deep the gameplay would be and if it would venture far from its core concept.

With two game modes to explore and no story to live, Fishing adventure depends on you to enjoy its simple mechanics and relaxing slow paced gameplay. Career and Challenge modes use the same assets and elements, but the latter option is more competitive. It gives you something to aim for and this is where the developers should have focused their attention. The career option grabs the slow nature of the sport by the horns and requires you to invest hours to level up and earn money. If you fall for its charms, you’ll love to cast your line over and over. However, I lost the urge to play in about two hours. Fortunately, I persisted as the early game frustrations fade to leave you with an interesting and more stimulating fishing title.

Grinding for small amounts of money was soul destroying, and the game started was extremely lopsided. You will buy new equipment to hunt larger fish, but it will break, be eaten, or not be suitable for the location. Moving to another location requires money and a minimum level and, you guessed it, takes hours. It was a vicious cycle that I couldn’t break no matter how much I wanted and it left me wondering what the Steam community appreciated?

Catch fish in a freezing desert.

Thank goodness for the challenge mode and the extra sites.

The answer to this question became obvious as soon as I tried challenge mode. It is Fishing adventure saving grace! You have to catch specific fish and other challenging scenarios with five tasks per location to earn money and gain XP. The countdown adds pressure and the once relaxing experience becomes an hourglass of doom. You will desperately search for your trophy fish, but you will repeatedly catch the wrong species! You will curse your luck and roll again, praying for a different outcome.

Not only will you have set goals to achieve, but you will need to arm yourself with the right equipment to get the job done. Buying new rods, reels, lines, hooks, baits or lures is no easy task. It all costs a fortune, but the rewards for upgraded gear pay off quickly. You’ll forget about the 1lb miniature fish and you’ll have a hard time attracting the beasts lurking below the surface. Fishing adventure Really excels in his later stages, but the struggle to get there will unfortunately put many players off.

If you can handle the weight, you’ll visit up to seven major fisheries based on real locations. You will venture across the world and try your luck in a variety of environments. Each area has a specific range of fish to catch and the further away you go, the larger the prey becomes. There are over thirty species to catch and plenty of gear combinations to try out. You can stay ashore and fish from the banks or hire a boat and travel to places previously inaccessible. I don’t know how much this affects the fishing mechanics, as fish spawn anywhere and are not limited to underwater environments. It was extremely unrealistic and marred the simulation experience!

Micro lakes and massive fish.

Fishing adventure looked dated in 2019 and in 2021 it looks tough!

Graphics don’t make a game, but Fishing adventure it looks hard! The animations are robotic, the grass appears in blocks and the textures leave a lot to be desired. The ghost fish rush through the boat and land when caught, and an invisible wall makes a vast area inexplicably smaller than it should be. Everything is usable and you get used to it quickly, but until you do, it’s pretty awful to watch. However, all is not bad. The color combination is nice and the water ripple effects are realistic. I also enjoyed the rain and storm effects as it added a layer of depth to the gameplay.

Fishing adventure relies heavily on sound effects and records its music for menus. It was a good decision, as the music would have been an unwanted distraction during the slow paced action. The wonderful natural sound effects were fun to listen to, and I really enjoyed floating on the water while hearing the birds singing and blowing the wind. Changing weather fronts allowed developers to be experimental. The use of loud thunderclaps and the constant sound of falling rain added an aggressive dynamic tone to an otherwise calm game.

Fishing in paradise.

It’s so simple that I vacuumed the house while fishing.

I rarely manage to multitask successfully, but Fishing adventure is so simple that I could clean my house and play at the same time. With the right gear selected and the bait taken, you can easily bring your prey back while performing other tasks. I vacuumed the first floor of my house while happily landing fish after fish. I’m not sure that’s exactly what the developers had in mind, but it worked for me. As the game progresses it becomes much more difficult and you have to focus on the position of the lure and the tension on the line. I enjoyed those extra layers, and they went along with the later sights and larger marine life.

If you like fishing games then you will fall for the relaxing nature of this title. The roughness will not offend you and you will enjoy working for each new location. There are probably better fishing games on the market if you are on the fence, but they will cost you more to buy. The gameplay includes a high level of replayability if you can overcome the initial hurdles, but I’m afraid many don’t get that far. The list of difficult achievements takes many hours to invest, making it a nightmare for the finalists.

Fishing adventure is a slow burner that focuses on the bad elements.

Fishing adventure Should have been a fantastic competitive game that allowed you to slow things down in sandbox mode if you wanted to. Instead, the developers focused heavily on the wrong elements and this to the detriment of the end product. Challenge mode is great, the audio works well, and the graphics are nice, however, it falls short in other categories. I can see why people would appreciate it, but I’m not one of those players, unfortunately. The grind put me off and I won’t recommend it today. However, if you want to buy it, you can here! Select your equipment, find your spot and fish as you wish.

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