Quincy Brown drops ‘Jetty’ music video

Recording artist and actor Quincy Brown has just released a music video for a track perfect for any weekend. On Saturday, September 17, the star released her visual for “JETTY.”

In it, Q wears a purple and white coupe — complete with a matching car — while spitting out living his best life that includes everything from his money moves to rolling good weed and vibing with the good. He raps:

“Power Book III” yeah I’m new on the scene / Got my plan A to Z / And when shit hit the fan, call that man, it’s me, it’s Q to B / I I’ll send you my PayPal/ I don’t want to be your pen pal/ You never heard of me?/ Have you ever seen a candle in the rain?/ That means I’m out.

Tryna cop a house, still rent / I stayed home, my girl out / I like your PH girl girl girl girl not your penthouse / Where are we going? / With the current and… as long as we smoke / Yeah yeah, just say you’re ready / So it’s a betty / Meet me at the pier

Speaking about the inspiration for the track, Quincy told REVOLT, “Don’t expect the unexpected. I am always inspired by finding difference and displaying a different perspective. When most people hear “JETTY” they may think it’s slang for a private jet. What I’m really talking about in the song is meeting me on an actual pier. Hence the placement of the video clip…

Although his lyrics on “JETTY” aren’t about flying off to an exotic location, after all, don’t misrepresent it. Q loves adventure. In an interview with PopSugar last year, Quincy revealed the best vacation he’s ever had.

“The best trip I’ve ever taken had to be my first trip to Japan. I don’t know what year it was anymore, I want to say 2014, it was with my mother [Kim Porter]. It was a trip that I had been trying to do for about five years and had really, really planned for it,” he said. “It literally exceeded all my expectations of what I thought Japan would be like… So if you want to talk about vacation, we’re talking about Mykonos, Greece.”

Watch the “JETTY” music video below!

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