Prem Soni’s music video “Woh Beetey Din” features Turkish actor Gunes

Mumbai: Director Prem Raj Soni’s latest song titled “Woh Beetey Din” has just been released. Featuring Turkish actor Ugur Gunes, the track was sung by Tanya Singgh and composed by Ajit Singh.

Gittanjali Singh wrote the lyrics for the song. Prem talks about his experience creating the song which was shot in Istanbul.

“‘Woh Beetey Din’ is a story of love and the complexities it brings. There’s an immense amount of emotion and intensity with jaw-dropping visuals,” he says.

For the director, Turkey is like his second homeland. “I met a lot of filmmakers in Turkey and I have quite a few friends. So, for me, shooting the song was like shooting in my hometown. It was wonderful,” he adds. he.

Praising Tanya’s singing, Prem says her voice is unique and beautiful. “She brings a nostalgic feeling that I think people will really fall in love with. Tanya is a pleasure to work with, Tanya is focused and dedicated. She’s my family too.”

“I’ve known her for almost two decades now. We’ve literally seen her grow together,” he shares.

Prem is happy with the reactions. Even the response in Istanbul has been fabulous. “As I said, I have a lot of friends in Istanbul and I also have a company registered in Turkey. I plan to work a lot more outside of Turkey now as a producer,” he reveals. he.

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