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A new collection of over twenty sci-fi, adventure, horror and fantasy films from Italian director Andrea Ricca is now available for free online.

Already exceeding 40 million views, it is independent cinema that expresses itself beyond national borders.

If you are passionate about sci-fi, horror, fantasy and adventure movies but don’t have time for big screen movies, these 5-10 hour movies minutes can be viewed on any device.

“Thanks to the Internet, our products can be seen in all countries of the world without geographical limitation.” says director Andrea Ricca.

Among the most watched are “Spider Danger” (8 million views) which tells the story of a spider that has become giant after a meteorite impact, and “Aliens Night” (9 million views) on the theme of abduction extraterrestrial.

All movies are available for free on Amazon Prime and the official website of the director.


One of the most popular films is called: “ALIENS NIGHT” and tells the story of an alien ship that arrives on earth near the house where a young biologist lives. Little gray aliens descend from the spaceship and enter his house, a real alien invasion! These classic big-headed aliens want to kidnap her but the young girl, after a first moment of fear, decides to fight back and fight for her life. What’s going to happen ? There is certainly a touch of humor but above all an unexpected surprise at the end! Los Angeles CineFest Semi-Finalist (Length: 7 mins.) Watch here.

The second most watched movie by the public is called: “SPIDER DANGER“. Due to the fall of a meteorite, a small spider kept in a showcase by a collector becomes a giant and begins to hunt down its master. The house is full of spider webs and spider eggs that are about to hatch, resulting in an invasion of arachnids! (Duration: 5 minutes.) Watch here.

For those who love the paranormal, on the other hand, we find: “THE AMULET OF FEAR”, a tribute to horror in the style of Stephen King. In an old house a young girl finds an ancient amulet which has the magical property of making its owner’s fears real and when the young girl begins to read a horror book by Stephen King entitled: “The Creature” the latter comes to life and starts to hunt him. The danger is imminent and not even gunshots can stop the monstrous creature (entirely made on the computer in 3D graphics) for this reason the protagonist will have to use all his intelligence to win his sworn enemy. Between thrills and action. (Duration: 5 minutes.) Watch here.

The most critically acclaimed film, on the other hand, is called: “THE GIANT SCORPION”. “The Giant Scorpion” has amassed over 2 million viewers online, been selected by numerous film festivals and received international reviews. “There is an energy and exuberance in the film that is impossible not to feel.” Starburst Magazine.
“What’s better than a beautiful girl sleeping sweetly under an 80s issue of ‘Fangoria’ magazine and fighting monsters with a sharp blade?” Horror News. (Duration: 4 minutes.) Watch here.


Andrea Ricca, graduate in sociology and specialized in 3D graphics.

He currently works as a 3D designer, editor and photographer. He has also collaborated on a few films for the Giffoni Film Festival. In 2012 he published the book: “Low Budget Special Effects” available in all bookstores for Dino Audino Editore.

Andrea Ricca is a director with a strong DIY ethic. He has directed about 20 films since 1998, often focusing on the theme of monstrous creatures reminiscent of classic giant monsters or alien invasion films that many horror and science fiction fans cherish. He posts his videos of himself for viewers to watch for free on his website and on YouTube, where he has found considerable success. The script, shooting, editing, 3D modeling and animation, compositing and post-production were done by the director himself.

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