Netflix’s 10 Best Anime Shows, Ranked

Animation is one of the most expansive forms of storytelling, with characters and situations that offer a true escape from reality with limits that stretch to your imagination. One company that takes this mindset to heart is Netflix, whose animated shows and movies have provided some of the most thrilling stories of the past 20 years.

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Many of these stories are entirely original in concept and execution, while others adapt something from the past and bring a new twist to their characters and story. However, all of them not only provide unique stories and characters, but also helped define the path that animation is taking in the present moment.

10) “Carmen Sandiego”

Carmen Sandiego

She’s one of the most infamous villains in Saturday morning history, but it was the show that gave the world’s greatest thief a whole new perspective. Long ago, a girl was adopted and trained by VILE Academy to become a master thief. After a change of heart, she sets out to defeat her former masters by either stopping their plans altogether or stealing them first and returning their prizes.

Gina Rodriguez reinvents Carmen by giving her a likable side while bringing her signature charisma in a series of heists fun for the whole family.


9) “Trollhunters”

troll hunters

Created by Dreamworks and acclaimed director Guillermo del Torothis series is the first of the Tales of Arcadia Trilogy. It all started when young Jim Lake Jr. (Anton Yelchin (episodes 1 to 41) and Emile Hirsch, from) and his friends stumble upon a magical world populated by trolls. With the help of his new mentors, Jim finds himself caught between an ordinary teenage double life and protecting his home from ancient monsters.

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Del Toro creates a unique and detailed world full of exciting characters, with mysterious creatures that, just like his movies, are both grotesque and enchanting.

8) ‘Disenchantment’


The Creative Legend’s Third Series Matt Greening lives up to the name of its creator. Disenchantment takes place in a magical land where the alcoholic Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson) and his two best friends Luci the demon (Eric Andre) and Elfo the elf (Nat Faxon) go on adventures and generally ruin things for the kingdom.

What Groening brought to family sitcom and sci-fi, he brings a fun and suitably cynical take on fantasy as Bean and his friends battle witches, satanic worshipers, and discover new lands ruled by inventors rather than wizards.

7) “Inner work”

inner work

This series follows Cognito, Inc., the underground government agency that covers all the central conspiracy theories and secret developments on the planet. Socially awkward agent Reagan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan) and his new companion Brett Hand (Clark Duke) deal with evil robot presidents, talking psychic mushrooms, and mothmen – just the average day-to-day operations of this organization.

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Featuring fun performances by Caplan, duke, and christian slaterthis series pokes fun at the absurdity of conspiracy theories and government cover-ups and allows viewers to care about the main characters, especially Reagan.

6) “Castlevania”

Heroes of Castlevania

Inspired by the video game series of the same name, this goth-tinged series takes less after the Saturday morning cartoon Captain N and much more after the gritty anime The attack of the Titans. Monster Hunter Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) is Wallachia’s only hope against the army of demons led by Dracula (Graham McTavish) himself, taking revenge after his wife was burned at the stake. Fortunately, Trevor has allies in the form of Syphia (Alejandra Reynoso)a magician, and Alucard (James Callis), the son of the impaler himself.

It’s brutally dark, genuinely scary, and violently bloody. It expands on the video game’s story while providing more detail and perspective on its characters. all expressed in beautiful and striking animation.

5) ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelations’

He-Man Revelations

Director Kevin Smith puts a bold new twist on the classic toy line and animated series. In the distant world of Eternia, He-Man (Chris Wood) and Skeletor (Marc Hamil) disappeared. The kingdom has fallen into disarray, with bounty hunters and villains ruling the lands. Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar), man-at-arms (Liam Cunningham), Orko (Griffin Newman), and even Evil-Lyn (Lena Headey) must find the Sword of Power and save the planet from dying.

This series brings back characters from the original He-Man series while giving a dark and mature touch to the tone. With Eternia’s greatest hero and villain gone, the stakes and consequences are higher than ever.

4) “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”

She-Ra and her team

This cult hit turned out to be a groundbreaking reimagining of the powerhouse of the 80s. One day on the planet Etheria, the young soldier Adora (Aimee Carrero) finds a magic sword, transforming her into the titular hero, She-Ra. Escaping from the Fear Zone, she sets out to unite all the princesses on her planet to fight in a revolution against the evil Emperor Hordak and his aide, Adora’s former best friend Cattra (AJ Michalka).

This series spans dozens of different countries, with a wide cast of characters offering comedy, drama and, above all, love.

3) ‘Green eggs and ham’

Green eggs and ham

This series expands the 50-word classic Dr Seuss book in a 13-episode adventure saga. Sam-I-am (Adam DeVine) and his reluctant new best friend, Guy-Am-I (Michael Douglas), go on a quest in Meepville to return a captured animal, a Chickeraffe, to its natural habitat. Along the way, they deal with love, trust, friendship, and how to appreciate good food along the way.

We didn’t think this book would fit well in this format, but it turned out to be a delightful surprise for viewers around the world. The animation brings the world of Seuss to life with beautiful vibrancy and amazingly layered characters and messages.

2) ‘Hilda’


Based on the graphic novel series, hilda concerns its titular protagonist (Bella Ramsey), moving to a Scandinavian-inspired town called Trollberg. With the help of his new best friends, David (Oliver Nelson) and Frida (Ameerah Falzon-Ojo), she turns every day into a new adventure, traveling to find strange creatures such as trolls, elves, ghosts, and even dangerous monsters.

It is a relaxing and gentle series with a typical European flavor. The main characters are charming, the inhabitants of this world are creative, and the story promotes a message of understanding since, with few exceptions, no one in Trollberg is truly good or bad.

1) ‘Bojack Rider’

bojack and todd

Bojack Rider is a series that many have called one of the greatest television shows ever made. In the 90s, Bojack Horseman (Arnett) was on a very famous TV show called horse riding, but is now a washed-out, depressed has-been. Bojack navigates his life in Hollywood with his roommate Todd (Aaron Paul), new friend and ghostwriter Diane (Alison Brie), his rival Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins), and his agent/ex-girlfriend Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris).

Along with plenty of hilarious moments, this show takes a close look at celebrity culture, depression, and relationships, all dealing with past traumas and self-inadequacies and in many ways doing it better than other shows that deal with of similar subjects.

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