Netflix The Supernatural Adventure Anime Subscribers Can’t Stop Binging


In a Reddit thread on the new adaptation of “Shaman King,” longtime fans of the series have given their thoughts on how the 2021 series is performing compared to other endeavors. The general consensus seems to be that while the new series is true to the manga, the lightning-fast pace of the first few episodes flattens the story and the characters. However, there are a lot of fans who appreciate him for what he is.

User u / OshoV wrote: “Regarding how it goes and from my point of view; I think it’s pretty good …” also noted that for them it seemed like a choice mindful of making sure the series had enough time to tell the whole story. “They could aim to reach the part from which the original anime broke away from the manga so that they can tell the story as it should have been,” they postulated.

For u / sabel00, watching the 2001 adaptation enabled them to better appreciate this new version. “Frankly, I love it!” they said. “As someone who watched the 2001 version growing up, I find the pacing of the first few episodes to be generally good as it skips all the fills.”

And not only did u / JohnnyJL96 not care about the super-fast pace, but they were a fan as well. They wrote: “Amazing !! Love how fast it is and it is never boring.”

The first 13 episodes of “Shaman King” are currently streaming on Netflix.

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