“Music is a vessel for me – my identity is in God, not in the music”

Durban-born musician Majozi came to CapeTalk studios this weekend to chat with Sara-Jayne King.

source: Kfm 94.5 / Imran Goga

The Durban-born musician Majozi joined Sara-Jayne King of CapeTalk ahead of her sold-out gig at Cafe Roux on Saturday night.

The “Darling” singer also opened up about his own personal battles during the Covid pandemic and told him it’s great that the shows are back and thriving.

It has been pleasantly uplifting to see things return to normal and to interact with people.

Majozi, Musician

Even though his own show was sold out, always the gentleman, Majozi encouraged music fans to support other local artists:

Just because my show is sold out doesn’t mean you can’t go see one of the other shows.

Majozi, Musician

If you really want to see me, don’t worry, I’m playing Mojo Market on Friday – it’s gonna be crazy.

Majozi, Musician

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Speaking of his relief that things have started to return to normal, the Cape Town-based artist spoke about the dangers of technology and social media:

Most of the time when you’re sitting at home and looking at your phone, you can think to yourself, urgh, people are horrible! But when you interact with them face to face and see people, they are wonderful.

Majozi, Musician

On King’s show last year, Majozi shared that he had started therapy and suggested it was something all men should do if given the chance.

He says taking care of his mental health is always a priority:

I won’t have been in a while, but I go sporadically and will probably be back soon.

Majozi, Musician

During Covid I went through this thing where I wasn’t sure who I was and what I wanted to do with my life from now on.

Majozi, Musician

Music is a vessel for me – my identity is in God, not in the music.

Majozi, Musician

Check out Majozi’s latest single “Lazy” – a collab with local pop duo Easy Freak:

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