Mix of lifestyle, food and adventure shows broadcast from Goa




Director: Dinakar Thoogudeepa

To throw: Nenapirali Prem, Prajwal Devaraj, Hariprriya, Dhananjay and others

Until now, foreign language films have been the main source of inspiration for some filmmakers, but this one comes from the small world of entertainment. Television has come a long way, and it is no longer limited to attain-sose sagas or emotional family dramas. Are you wondering about the “little” connection? Then try to take a selfie with this great photo.

With lifestyle, food, and adventure as its foundation, the film attempts to make sense of three distinct lives that are stuck in their own set of issues in life. Thus, three protagonists meet by chance in Goa!

While one quit her job to become a director, another faces family issues and the lady pre-marries worries about her individual identity. There is also a mother act that later cooks up a dish that ends up mending the shattered lives of all three.

The adventure takes off with the escapades of a friendship rediscovered in Goa. Due to cinematic freedom, the three find themselves stranded on an island. This is where they pour out their hearts, which further strengthens the bond between them.

Moving on from a friendly spectacle, it takes a maternal turn then to an adventure such as paragliding, rafting and trekking. It even follows with a cooking contest at the end.

Sometimes it’s even slower than a TV soap opera that goes on and on. Not all selfies are perfect, and so is this one.


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