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Organized for Sonic fans by the Sonic fans of the Summer of Sonic team. The blockbuster Kickstarter event, Sonic Adventure Music Experience, was held at the Garage in London on December 8th. The group wasted no time, being introduced one by one, there was Act. on drums, Takeshi Taneda on bass and Jun Senoue (half of Crush 40) on guitar. Without a second to lose, the group fell into it as the people continued on their way.

Blow after blow, the group bounced from one track to another, with a seamless transition. Despite the name, the setlist contained pieces of games beyond Sound Adventure 1 and 2 to include remixes and original tracks featured in Sonic Team Race. Each piece was accompanied by a corresponding level gameplay sequence, which for adventure tracks was someone playing the levels on trailers, and the Team race the parts had more trailer style clips. Enhanced by Jun’s Sonic-themed guitar for most of the night, then Shadow for the Shadow the Hedgehog-related tracks. The reaction to each song was enough to confirm how special the setlist was, with strong reactions with each track, especially the Eggman theme and “Welcome to Station Square” by Sound Adventure 1. Organizers contributed to the setlist, suggesting two of their favorites, which seemed like a special moment shared with the crowd.

After the first few songs, the band warmed up and had a more natural scene, reflecting the energy in the room which intensified at the same rate. To be honest, sometimes it didn’t feel like a soundtrack concert, just an outright rock concert with the crowd singing along to guitar tunes instead of vocals. There was even a bit of comedic relief between the crowd and the group, especially with the dropping of Big the Cat’s name leading to an improv performance by Lazy days. The small room did wonders in creating and fostering a special connection between the group and the crowd, a fun and unifying atmosphere for everyone in the room. This was only improved in the last two songs, where special guest Miles Meakin (a Sonic fan and Midnite City member) added an extra guitar to the mix. Where before that it was pretty solid, really stepping up the beat by providing a hard, full sound. Where the trio gave a solid performance, personally it filled a void and these are the best songs of the night.

Finishing in style, after an hour and a half of the set, the crowd asked for more with one more traditional song. As if that was already planned, the band returned by starting with a Happy Birthday song for Act., Again bringing that unity into the room between the band and the crowd. To end the evening in style, despite the lack of a singer, they played the iconic City escape of Sound adventure 2. Fill the vocals with one piece but the crowd was enough for the singing, everyone used the last pieces of vocals they had left. It was a great way to end a really special night and I hope the hint to another UK show comes as soon as possible.


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