Joshua Bassett fans say his new music is an ‘absolute service’ to Olivia Rodrigo fans

One of the most fascinating things about music today is how often stars call each other or, more or less, have conversations in their music. Whether it’s a collaboration between two stars or two rappers going back and forth, it’s easier than ever to create buzz about a relationship or friendship drama — sometimes with just a few lines.

This was especially true for Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album and her hit “Driver’s License”. The song was about teenage heartbreak, but fans were quick to put the pieces together and guessed the song was about Joshua Bassett breaking Olivia’s heart. Not only that, they assumed Sabrina Carpenter, another singer and Disney star, was the “other girl” in Olivia’s story.


A tangled web was woven after that, and to this day no one has shed any light on the matter. Still, Joshua Bassett has flipped a switch, fans say, and his new music is an absolute service — and that only adds to the drama.

Joshua Bassett was the alleged subject of Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Driver’s License’ hit

When “driver’s license” came out, Olivia was silent on the subject of the song. The song was released some time after she and Joshua Bassett – who were never even confirmed to be dating – had apparently broken up.

Olivia also appeared to call out the ex’s new love interest, writing, “And you’re probably with that blonde girl/Who always made me doubt/She’s so much older than me/She’s everything I’m not not sure.”

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If the timeline was accurate, Olivia might have been ready to move on by the time her song hit the airwaves. Time aside, an entire album of breakup tunes followed, and Olivia was dating someone new at the time.

Anyway, in hindsight, fans thought Joshua dumped Olivia for another girl, and the other songs on the album suggested he was doing the same things with his new girl as he was with Rodrigo.

Many of the songs heavily dissed his ex and new daughter, leading to even more speculation.

Sabrina Carpenter’s song skin seemed to hint at drama

By the time Olivia’s album was released, Sabrina Carpenter had apparently heard all the theories about Olivia’s song mentioning her. The two didn’t appear to be on good terms, despite both being Disney darlings.

And when Sabrina’s Skin was released in January, just weeks after Driver’s License debuted, fans were even more eager to sort things out. Did Sabrina write a line to Olivia’s wildly popular song to clear the air, capitalize on the drama, or both?

Or was his song completely independent, but unfortunately timed? It wasn’t clear.

A New Sabrina Hit Continued (Or Ended?) The Conversation

In 2022, another Sabrina Carpenter hit was released and made fans think that maybe the love triangle drama never even existed.

The lyrics include the line “All because I loved a boy / I fell so deep into it / Everything was so innocent / Dating boys with exes / No, I wouldn’t recommend it”, among other hits that seem to drag Olivia’s statements.

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While the song could be about any number of exes in Sabrina’s life, fans thought the lyrics were a little too close to home with all the love triangle mess. But after Sabrina’s song, again, it was quiet. At least there was, until Joshua Bassett seemed to rename himself and speak a little more clearly.

Fans are calling Joshua’s new song ‘She Said He Said She Said’ ‘absolute service’

At the end of 2021, fans thought Joshua’s new releases were all about Olivia Rodrigo. And with her new track, “SHE SAID HE SAID SHE SAID,” stylized in all caps, fans have once again clamored for all the lyrics, separating them and perhaps reading too far.

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Bassett is unlikely to reveal exactly what he means when writing the lyrics (as it usually does and creates more intrigue around an artist), but fans have a theory.

Bassett’s track includes references that listeners think refer to Olivia and that drama, like “Guess high school never ends / You really got a lot to say / When you speak my name / You really got a lot to say / But did you tell them everything?”

Fans online were thrilled that not only did Joshua change his image, and “beat the White Boy With A GuitarTM allegations!!” but also that he drew attention to himself via a plan to “go on TikTok and p*** some Olivia stans to hype things up.”

Whatever Joshua’s intentions, he’s garnered a lot of attention for the new song, which fans say is a “banger”, and he may have also ended criticism of him and Sabrina Carpenter for breaking Olivia’s heart. Supposedly.

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