If you hear music at Walt Disney World, dance!

Disney music is incomplete without breaking out your dancing shoes. We sing along to our favorite Disney tunes, but I don’t think we dance to them often enough. Movement, self-expression, freedom…dance. I am by no means a dancer, but I believe that music and movement combined are emotionally, mentally and physically healthy. It can bring together families, couple couples and standing children clapping with joy. Our Disney Parks & Resorts are a gateway to enjoying DANCE. You can dance at Walt Disney World; if you hear the music playing, dance!

I think dance went into decline in the 80s. Disco died, Michael Jackson’s Thriller moves were all the rage, and then it was gone. Young adults no longer hang out in nightclubs to dance; the children no longer memorized and practiced dances in their bedrooms during sleepovers. There were a multitude of reasons, AIDS scared people away from nightclubs, the disco was no longer cool, and video games and the latchkey generation replaced games and unplanned movements in the outdoors. I believe the lack of dancing has contributed to a deterioration in mental health and well-being. Dance is fun, playful and essential to our mental well-being. It creates happiness. And Disney is happiness. Don’t Let Dance Die at Disney; let’s find him and start our dance! Here are my Top 5 favorite places to dance at Walt Disney World!


Early childhood has never been so beautiful with Disney Junior. Dance, sing and cheer with your kids’ favorite Disney Junior characters during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2022 called Disney Junior Jam at Storybook Circus. Find Disney Junior on Tour in your local cities. Bring your little ones to Disney’s Hollywood Studios during the Disney Junior Dance Party! Doc McStuffins and Vampirina will knock you out of your shells and get you going!

Country Bear Jamboree

I was relaxing at this classic attraction, and every guest enjoyed cheering, swinging, and stomping our favorite Country Bear traditions. This time a dance broke out. You heard it, not a fight, no, but a dance. How funny! The adults were dancing on impromptu parties just as the lights came back on. Smiling and happy adults. This is what we need the most.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

There is a room in this attraction: Daisy Duck’s dance hall. Guests remain seated in the attraction vehicle as you enter its synchronized dance classes. Daisy will teach you the rumba, and EVERYONE dances, even the attraction vehicle! It’s my favorite attraction and Daisy is lovely. Fun Easter egg alert: find her duck water next to her dance stage! Shake those tail feathers!

Guest Sydney Russell (2019) dances her heart out with the Disney Band on Main Street, USA

Concerts & Shows

The Eat to the Beat Concert Series on the stage of the America Gardens Theater at Epcot features music and dancing during Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festivals. The last one I went to, I noticed passers-by dancing in front of the American Adventure Pavilion on their upcoming World Pavilion, enjoying the music. Walking is not an option; it’s about dancing here.

During Disney nightly shows, you can still rock and dance to your favorite music while watching Enchantment or Harmonious.

Resort Pools

On site, you can still find dance competitions and games in the pools of the Disney complex. Children enjoy the sun, swimming, music and dancing, all combined with the Cast Members in the lead. They walk, conga, and create wonderful poolside memories for families of all ages, but I especially find the little ones to enjoy them. I especially enjoyed watching the kids dance at the Art of Animation Resort pool. There is no afternoon siesta there!

These are my five favorite places to dance at Walt Disney World! Where do you like to dance in Parks & Resorts? Take those two left feet and dance like you’re at your friend’s wedding; enjoy and remember: If you hear music, dance!

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