Five Action Adventure Movies From The 70s That Still Hold Up Today

It’s truly amazing how well some films can handle the passage of time and others fade. Some people might not want to admit it, but some of the action/adventure movies of the 70s are actually better than some of the stuff we have now. Why is that? Part of that is probably because the action back then was a bit simpler and didn’t require such over the top special effects to keep people interested, and that allowed us to focus on the story more than about the big ‘ooh’ and ‘aahh’ moments that so many people grew up with. Sitting down to watch some of the best movies of the 70s might not be everyone’s idea of ​​having a good moment, but it’s certainly worth it since many of the stories were well-written and created for an audience that wanted to see hard-hitting action and not have to worry about how the effects would look, well, not as much of the In many films of the 70s, effects weren’t really a big deal since the technology wasn’t there yet and, to be realistic, it wasn’t yet such a big part of the storytelling process, little it doesn’t matter that some movies have done it in fact need n of these effects to work.

Here are five action/adventure movies from the 70s that managed to stand the test of time.

5. Dirty Harry

He was a cop you just didn’t run into because the odds of him pulling out that .44 and taking care of the problem, if it required that kind of force, were pretty good. He wasn’t the best detective in the world to be honest and he was a little angry with him. But he was the kind of guy who got called when the chips went down and they needed someone who could get the job done. In this regard, Harry was the kind of guy who proved quite often reliable and who could see things in a way that isn’t fully appreciated at the time, but is quite effective since the bad guys didn’t really have a second chance around him.

4. Jaws

The movie definitely created a negative craze for sharks, but it became a cult classic after a while, and it helped raise awareness of aquatic creatures that look a lot more intimidating than they sometimes are. It is true that opposing a great white shark would not be the best idea, but it is not really correct to think that such an animal will attack head-on a boat which could cause damage to it in any way. whether it be. Still, the idea that something so big and with the potential to be so aggressive could go crazy and sink a boat in the middle of the ocean is pretty scary.

3. Enter the Dragon

What else can you say about this film except that it is one of Bruce Lee’s best? There’s action, adventure, deception, and awesome fight scenes that explain why Lee was such a big name in Hollywood. His legend may have been tarnished a bit over the years, but he’s still considered one of the greatest martial artists to ever walk the set and he’s still one of those people look up to. a great example of what it means to be a part. martial arts. Although some of his fame and legend may have been built in a way that made him more than he really was, this film is still a great example of how his legend spread. in the mainstream.

2. Star Wars: A New Hope

Ignoring a lot of fanboy talk, A New Hope is still one of the greatest Star Wars movies since it all began, and it did so in a way that made it clear there was more to come. As I said above with the effects needed for some movies, that was the case here, but the story tended to blend the effects so well with each scene that it didn’t matter how big or small they felt. In fact, George Lucas made this film on a shoestring budget and managed to amaze people in such a massive way that it almost feels like the CGI and technological advancements we see today are a bit over the top.

1. Issuance

Inasmuch as

Be honest, if you’ve watched this movie, you might feel your nerves tightening when you go camping, because the wait to hear dueling banjos might be something that keeps you very alert. For such a straightforward movie, Deliverance was one that really touched a lot of people for its content as well as its overall vibe. It was undeniably scary and there is no doubting the outcome and the number of people who came to see this film. But hey, it’s still something to pay attention to.

Sometimes older movies are just better.

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