Elden Ring Player Shows Off God of War Kratos’ Impressive Build

An Elden Ring player shows off an awesome God of War build they created, which features Kratos’ Chaos Blades and chains on his arms.

Ring of Elden leaves a lot of freedom to the players. The RPG is open-world, allowing players to decide how they approach The Lands Between. There are also a number of different builds that can be made in Ring of Eldengiving everyone the opportunity to play as they wish.

Ring of Elden also features a robust character creation system, allowing players to create a variety of avatars to bring into the game. Both real and fictional characters have been created in FromSoftware’s RPG, including popular video game characters that most fans will instantly recognize.


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A Redditor known as RiptideKuroki created Kratos from the God of the war series in Ring of Elden. The user was able to replicate the character’s white skin, as well as the red mark visible on his face. Riptide Kuroki Equipped Elden Ring’s The Magma Blades in both hands and the Zamor Bracelets on the arms, which resemble the Chaos Blades Kratos uses in several God of the war Games. According to the creator, they tried to make their own build, but could never make it look right. They found another version on YouTube which they followed and then modified it to their liking. The end result is an incredible replica of Kratos and shows what can be done in Ring of Elden.

Kratos’ version is getting some love on Reddit. A few commenters posted their approval, while one said it looked like FromSoftware had added the character in Ring of Elden themselves. When asked how long it took to get the Magma Blades, RiptideKuroki said it took about an hour after using a Larval Tear and the Silver Scarab. A user mentioned that he was doing a similar build, although he switched to the Highland Ax because it looks like the Leviathan Ax from the newer God of the war Game.

RiptideKuroki isn’t the only one creating recognizable characters in FromSoftware’s RPG. A Redditor by the name of oEmersonKs created Albert Einstein in Ring of Elden, capturing the scientist’s gaze quite well. The creator was able to replicate Einstein’s facial features and was able to copy his famous messy hair and mustache. OEMersonKs released the sliders anyone would need to self-create the character in-game, allowing anyone to travel The Lands Between as a famous physicist. It helps to show that players can explore Ring of Elden like just about any well-known person or character they can think up.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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