Edinburgh Fringe ticket deal: a list of all the free shows

Learn to fly at Summerhall

Until midnight Sunday, July 31, we’re giving away 20,000 free Fringe tickets in association with edfest.com. Here’s how to claim yours:

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The Scot/Scotland in the Sunday teams

My Leonard Cohen: Up Close and Personal

Happy Hour by Dixie Longate

Lord of the Rings to one man

Star Wars™ One-Man Trilogy

Sean Choolburra: Didj and dance!

The gods, the gods, the gods

The Return of the Mighty Kids Beatbox Comedy Show

Famous puppet death scenes

Flo & Joan: sweet release

Frank Skinner: 30 years of dirt

Americana: A Murderous Ballad

Magical Bones: magic of the soul

Reuben Kaye: The Butch is back

The Kaye Hole Hosted by Reuben Kaye

Tina del Twist: Caravan in the Sky

Jo Griffin: people person

Paul Williams: In the Moonlight

Ryan Lane will be here now in a minute

The Adventures of Sleepyhead

How I Learned What I Learned from August Wilson

Looking For Me Friend: The Music of Victoria Wood

Rachel Bradley: Beauty from the Ashes

The Oxford Revue and Other Barnyard Animals

Watson: The Last Problem

We Are Traffic: An Uber Adventure

Native Comedy Stars

Dan Rath: Cockroach Party

Emmy Blotnick: The 30 Perfumes of Jennifer Lopez: A Show About Death, Betrayal and Financial Ruin

Jody Kamali: Ironing Board Man

Jonny & The Baptists: dance like nothing happened

Mrs. Roosevelt flies to London

Never Letting Go: An Unauthorized Account of James Cameron’s Titanic

Sam Taunton: Yoho Diabolo

Andy Field: Ideas (,) Man

Danielle Walker: Nostalgia

How to build a wax figure

Jake Cornell and Marcia Belsky: Man and Woman

Nikki Britton: one small step

Fool Muun Komming! [BeBgWunderful/YEsyes/ Hi5.4sure.TruLuv;Spank Spank:SOfun_Grate_Times]

The Gash theater needs space

Kate Butch: Screaming Shit

Your Aunt Fanny: Muff Said

Peppa Pig – My First Gig

Queenz – The show with balls!

Taiwanese Season: Light of Life

We should definitely have more dancing

Jinkx Monsoon: she still has it! (with major scales)

Monski Mouse Baby Cabaret

Baby Disco Dance Hall by Monski Mouse

An evening without Kate Bush

Best of the Fest: the new class

The Idiot Circus: Death is Coming

Will Pickvance: half man half piano

Liars and Clowns: A Late Night Comedy Show

Melissa Stephens: HOT DOGS AND TEARS


Dom Chambers: The False Wizard

Grace Petrie: Teenage Butch For Nothing

Rob Auton: The Crowd Show

Two Hearts: We are pregnant and the baby is music

Isabelle Farah: Irresponsible

Jordan Gray: Is it a bird?

Michelle Brasier: medium bear

Diane Chorley: Down the Movie

My Seven Wonders by Clive Anderson

Debra Stephenson: The Many Voices of Debra Stephenson

The Adventures of Bo Peep

Guy and his bantu american

Christopher Titus: Transporting Monsters

Dinosaurs and all that garbage

Randy Feltface: alien with extraordinary abilities

Susie McCabe: Born Believer

Lottie Platchett took a hatchet

Fred Macaulay in conversation

Best Of So you think you’re funny?

Fergus and Kate songs

Robyn Perkins: A million dollars maybe

Will Tell and the Big Bad Baron

Magic Roman’s Summer Vacation

REDEEMher: How I Messed Up My Perfect Mormon Life

Kevin Flynn: Fear of HeightsR

Christy Coysh: Bangarang!

Jeena Bloom: the reunion queen

Club Valentine’s Comedy Hour

The Transfiguration of Mrs. Lamen

So you think you’re funny? Competition sleeves

Leah Lamarr: NFT (Nice Fucking Tits)

AAA Stand-Up Late at Gilded Balloon

Tehran Von Ghasri: will be canceled

Jon Courtenay: against all odds

Mark Thompson Spectacular Science Show

Anna Clifford: I see mortal people

Mat Ricardo: the extraordinary gentleman

Tom Crosbie: A Nerd’s Vision

John Robertson: The Darkroom

Attenborough and his animals

Sex advice for straight women from a gay man

Basil Brush: Unleashed and Uncut

The nauseating prom of the 90s

Great Value Comedy Show Early

Late High Value Comedy Show

Just te Tonic’s Afternoon Delight

Just Tonic’s Midnight Show

Jack Gleadow: Jack’s Entertainment

Biscuit Barrel: Wafering Heights

Luca Cupani: Happy Orphan

Molly Leigh-Moy & Carla Gordon: According to my previous apologies…

The Curious Incidents of the Gay in the Night

Will Preston can’t face reality

Ted Hill: All Presidents

Shannon Matthews The Musical

Sheraz Yousaf: the Google man

You don’t have to be crazy to work here (WIP)

Joseph Parsons: equalizer

Abigail Rolling: Shit Lawyer

Anthony DeVito: My father is not Danny DeVito

How to record the best album of all time

The Halls of Ridiculous: Improvised Sketch Show

Finlay and Joe: the perpetual hype machine

Ryan Wingfield: Trophy Husband

Jim Daly: football and fatherhood

Marcel Lucont Etc. – A Chat Show

Best Scottish Comedy Award

Sugar-Coated Sisters: Bittersweet

Liam Farrelly, God’s brother-in-law

Connor Burns: Live, Laugh, Hate

Set List: Comedy Sans Net

Craig Hill: I always knew I had it in me!

Aaron Simmonds: Hot Wheels

Alasdair Beckett-King: Never Again

An audience with Milly-Liu

Ania Magliano: Absolutely no worries if this is not the case

Any suggestions, doctor? The improvised parody of Doctor Who

Arthur Smith: My 75th birthday at the Edinburgh Fringe

Atsuko Okatsuka: the intruder

The Best of Edinburgh Showcase Show

Black is the color of my voice

Blodlina: The Viking Musical

Britney: friends and nothing more

Captain Jake and the Forbidden Island

Captain Zak and the Space Pirates

Charlotte Johnson: My Father and Other Lies

Christian BrightyPlayboy

Christopher BlissCaptain Words Eye

Ciarán Dowd: King Rodolfo

Colin Hoult: The Death of Anna Mann

Deaf ears: how I learned to hear

Doktor Kaboom and the Wheel of Science!

Fantastically great women who changed the world

Fills Monkey: We’re gonna drum you up

Fladam’s musical Hootennany!

Freddie Hayes: Potato Head

Glenn Moore: Will you still need me, will you still feed me, Glenn, I’m sixty

Hal Cruttenden: It’s better if you hear it from me

Helen Bauer: Madame Good Tit

Ivo Graham: My Future My Clutter

Jamie D’Souza: Stop Drawing Willies On My Poster

Jayde Adams: Men, I can save you

Josh Jones: Wasting Space

Katie Pritchard: Disco Ball

Ki and Dee – On the Sesh

Kwame Asante: Living in Sin

Leo Reich: Who cares? !

Lucy Porter: Awakening

Luke Kempner: Macho Macho Man

Luke Wright: The Remains of Logan Dankworth

Night Dance Floor Fillers by Luke Wright (Poems)

Made in Britain

Marcus Brigstocke: Absolute Shower

Mark Watson: It Can’t Be That

Mary Beth Barone: Silly Little Girl

Matt Forde: Clowns to my left, Jokers to the right

Mervyn Stutter’s choice of bangs

Michael Akadiri: No scrub

Mind Mangler: member of the tragic circle

Baby moon dragons for children under 1

Lunar Dragon for ages 5 and under

Morgan Rees: bi and tall

Movin’ Melvin Brown: a man, a magic, a music

My lover was a salmon in the climatic apocalypse

Nic Sampson: Marathon, 1904

Nick Helm: what have we become?

Nina Conti: The Dating Show

Njambi McGrath: Black Black

Please feel free to share

Ray Badran: sweet baby Ray

Red Richardson: Gunshots

Bedroom – A bedroom of one’s own

Sara Barron: Grudge

Scientific Adventures: The Mighty Pickle

Sean McLoughlin: So be it

Sex with friends (and other small disasters)

Sheep: ten years, ten laughs

Shit-faced Shakespeare: Macbeth

Shlomo’s Beatbox Adventure for Kids

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical

Sikisa: the life of the party

Simon Brodkin: Damn

SK Shlomo: Breathe: the piece that becomes a rave

Smashing Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

Superhero Academy: Environmental Adventure!

Tessa Coates: get your Tessa coats that you pulled

The Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show 2022: are we there yet?

Lily and John’s Greatest Hits

The importance of being…serious?

The man who thought he knew too much

The deputy, Aunty Mandy and me

Tiff Stevenson: Sexy Brain

Today I killed my very first bird

Victoria Melody: head game

You’re Safe Until 2024: Deep Story

Yuriko Kotani: Kaiju About

A very old man with huge wings

Stop trying to be fantastic

A place that belongs to monsters

Guide to Surviving Male Territory

The girl who was good at lying

Move fast and break things

Dyra (2 per day – not per show)

Eulogy (2 per day – not per show)

Ghosts of the near future

Every word was once an animal

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