Ed Sheeran Becomes Pokemon Anime Character For New Music Video

In August, the Pokemon World Championships took place in the UK for the first time, and none other than Ed Sheeran welcomed fans and trainers to the competition in a special video.

That wasn’t the end of Sheeran’s collaboration with the Pokemon franchise, as the video for the British pop star’s new song “Celestial” is filled with Pocket Monster guest stars, and before that was done, Sheeran himself is transformed into a Pokemon anime character.

Things start quietly, with a sleepy Sheeran receiving an electric morning wake-up call from Pikachu. He then heads to the kitchen and prepares a sumptuous breakfast using some high-temperature Charmander cooking flames.

As he sits down to eat with a bunch of Poke buddies, it’s kind of hard to tell just how much of this is in Sheeran’s imagination, and imagination is very much a theme of the video. After breakfast, Sheeran heads into town while trying to find the lyrics to a new song, with various Pokémon species like Snorlax and Lapras watching over him and helping him out any way they can.


Inspiration finally strikes, however, as Sheeran is (perhaps) sitting in a field surrounded by Bulbasaurs. He runs home and heads to his studio, where other Pokémon show up to listen and help, and then it’s time for Sheeran to enter the world of Pocket Monsters.


Mewtwo is unleashed, and Sheeran joins the team of brave underdog Pokémon who stand against the sinister Psychic-type.

▼ In a special bit of personalized fan service, the animators go all out on this footage of Squirtle, which Sheeran has publicly stated is his favorite Pokemon.


As the battle comes to a head, there’s a huge burst of energy…then we cut back to Sheeran, asleep on his couch with Pikachu rushing in just as he wakes up. We wonder if the dramatic adventure we just saw was real or not, but maybe the point is that the answer doesn’t matter. Works of pure fiction can always create very real emotion and inspiration for fans, and this video does just that.

Source, images: YouTube/Ed Sheeran

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