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  • The Mikee Strongmen and Ravi Padmanabha duo perform at the Eclectic Overdrve show on January 8th.

Avant-garde music promoter Adam Arritola of individual production company Eclectic Overdrive first made a name for himself with the 2018 music festival “The Perfect Trip: Miami Psych Fest II”. The event received endorsement from prominent online music media figures such as Nardwuar and Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop, but the third Miami Psych Fest, slated for 2020, has been canceled due to the pandemic.

Since then, Arritola has moved to Rochester and immersed himself in the local music scene, bringing with him his Eclectic Overdrive concerts. Arritola presents their second show in Rochester on January 8 at the Flying Squirrel Community Space with co-stars Gabriel Akhmad Marin and the duo of Ravi Padmanabha and Mikee Strongmen – all musicians who blend experimental elements and world music.

The east-west collaboration between western New York musicians Ravi Padmanabha and Mikee Strongmen first blossomed in 2018, with the release of the album “Americana Raga”. As the title suggests, the Padmanabha / Strongmen duo combine classical Indian and American folk traditions to create evocative, almost otherworldly music. With Padmanabha playing percussive tabla and sārāngi, a bowed string instrument, and Strongmen on banjo and slide dobro guitar, the duo’s distinct instrumentals are very meditative with expressive tones.

Guitarist Gabriel Akhmad Marin is best known as a member of the New York-based jazz fusion trio Consider the Source, but Saturday’s show marks his debut as a solo performer. His recently released album “Ruminate: Improvisations for Fretless Guitar and Dutar” is an adventurous yet introspective collection of impromptu soundscapes for Iranian and Kazakh guitar and lutes.

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Gabriel Akhmad Marin of Consider the Source is performing his very first solo show on January 8 at the Flying Squirrel Community Space.  - PHOTO PROVIDED

  • Gabriel Akhmad Marin of Consider the Source is performing his very first solo show on January 8 at the Flying Squirrel Community Space.

Marin’s influences on “Ruminate” extend from Central Europe to Central Asia. “I wanted to understand how to play Eastern European music that was in my blood, with the expressions of Indian, Turkish and Persian music coming from it,” he explained on his Bandcamp page.

Local audiovisual artist Dr. Hamburger, aka Cameron Farash of the Psychic Garden performance space, will perform between sets, offering a mix of ambient sound and abstract video projections.

January is a busy month for Arritola and Eclectic Overdrive, with two more avant-garde-oriented shows: Miami noise icon Rat Bastard with local artists SMAXCULT and Luna Canfield on January 25, and the improv duo Plutonian Burrito with City Harvest Black – sound project Joel Dow, artist born in Rochester, January 27.

Eclectic Overdrive presents Gabriel Akhmad Marin, Padmanabha / Strongmen Duo and Dr. Hamburger on Saturday January 8 from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Flying Squirrel Community Space, 285 Clarissa Street, Rochester. Decreasing donations accepted for artists. Masks required.;;

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