Digimon Adventure Anime Reboot Teases Joe’s Debut


The trailer promises the introduction of Joe Kido and his Digimon partner, Gomamon, in next week’s episode of the animated series reboot Digimon Adventure.

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New Digimon Adventure reboot has left fans of the classic anime guessing with its surprising deviations from the original series. Last week’s episode of the show ended with a brief promotional video featuring the upcoming seventh episode, which is apparently expected to (re) feature Joe Kido alongside his aquatic partner, Gomamon.

Episode 7 will follow Tai and his company as they cross digital oceans to a new continent, where they stumble upon the studious Joe Kida and his seal-like Digimon, Gomamon. One of the most notable differences between the reboot and the original Digimon The series was the extended introduction of the DigiDestined – while the original had most of the protagonists meeting at summer camp and entering the digital world together, the Digimon Adventure Rather, reboot introduced the cast individually throughout the first season.

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Following the official introduction of Mimi and Palmon last week, fans were waiting for the final three DigiDestined / Digimon pairs: Takeru (“TK”) / Patamon, Hikari (“Kari”) / Tailmon (Gatomon) and Joe / Gomamon. Now that viewers know how to expect Joe and Gomamon in the upcoming seventh episode, it’s safe to say that Takeru and Hikari will be the last to be reintroduced.

While it’s nothing new that Hikari and Gatomon are late on the journey, fans certainly expected to see Patamon and Takeru now. Considering the couple’s angelic connection and the fact that they’re both siblings to already introduced characters, fans think they could debut together. Some savvy fans also believe that Patamon won’t be featured until the team defeats Devimon when he returns (since he’s technically one of the potential evolutions of Patamon). Either way, it’s clear that their arrivals will keep fans of the classic digital adventure on their toes.

Digimon Adventure (2020) is now airing on Crunchyroll and Fuji TV.

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