‘Digimon Adventure’ anime gets new visuals teasing the finale



The DigiDestined Leomon encounter (Image: Screengrab)

The Digimon Adventure the finale of the anime is near. New promotional videos and an exciting visual have been shared.

The two new promotional videos of the Digimon Adventure anime are available on Toei Animation’s official YouTube channel. After teasing what to expect in future episodes, the videos offer a quick recap of the main events that happened in the anime. There is a lot of emphasis on WarGreymon.

From what I can tell, the kids will soon meet Leomon as they continue to walk towards the source of darkness that infects DigiWorld. Fans of the original Digimon the anime (from 1999) knows the fate of Leomon. And as far as I know, it looks like the reboot is heading in the same direction. Oh oh !

Apart from that, there is an interesting promotional image that you should know about. It features the Mega shapes of the main group of Digimons. However, what caught my eye was the Digimon present in the lower right corner. The original anime featured Seraphimon as Takeru’s Mega Digimon partner. But, judging by the new image, it’s safe to assume that Takeru will get Goldramon this time around.

Anime Digimon Adventure 2020
Digimon Adventure (2020) Anime – The Mega Digimons (Image via Twitter @digimon_tv)

If you think about it, such a decision makes sense if the writers want Takeru’s new Dragon Digimon to be compatible with Hikari’s Magnadramon (present in the upper left corner of the image).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Hikari and Takeru unlocked the evolution branches for Ophanimon and Seraphimon after Goldramon and Mangnadramon. I say this because from what I remember from the anime’s flashbacks, the Heavenly Digimon are supposed to play an important role in saving the digital world.

Premiering on April 5, 2020, a total of 39 episodes of the Digimon Adventure anime reboot have been released. The series is broadcast on Crunchyroll. The current season is expected to have 66 episodes.

I covered some episodes on our YouTube channel. The anime faced backlash due to its too much focus on Taichi and the separation from the children for a handful of episodes. However, with the team moving forward together to the final chapter, I hope every DigiDestined has time to shine.

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