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This week, Amazon Prime Video and IMDb TV add a sci-fi adventure, a romantic comedy for young adults, two documentaries and a docuseries on LGBTQ + characters and lives. As a growing number of releases are returning to theaters after delays related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many viewers still prefer to wait for new releases to stream. Amazon Prime Video has plenty of content, new, old, and completely original, to keep the evenings busy as the weather cools.

Last week, to celebrate the start of November, Amazon and IMDb TV added a huge amount of movies and TV shows to watch. This included the highly anticipated Benedict Cumberbatch film Louis Wain’s electric life based on the true story of an artist. He also featured the first episode of Tampa Baes, a docuserie following a group of lesbian friends in Tampa Bay, and a new season of Pete the cat, the children’s music television show based on the works of James Dean, Eric Litwin and Kimberly Dean.

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Amazon Prime Video’s monthly release schedule means their releases are often spread over different days of the week rather than all falling on a weekly basis. Releases on Amazon Prime Video and IMDb TV typically include movies that make their very first appearances on streaming services, original and older TV series, and older movies that debut on Amazon’s streaming service. Here’s everything coming to Amazon Prime Video and IMDb TV during the week of November 8.

Ad Astra – November 10

Brad Pitt in Ad Astra

The first movie to hit Amazon Prime Video this week is Brad Pitt-fronted Ad Astra from 2019. The film takes place at the end of the 21st century and sees Major Roy McBride (Pitt) informed that his father may still be alive and is part of “Project Lima” which seeks intelligent life in the galaxy. McBride sets out to try to save him and prevent the damage Project Lima unintentionally causes to Earth. Captain AmericaAlso on the bill are Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Liv Tyler and Donald Sutherland.

Mayor Pete – November 12

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Chasten

Mayor Pete is a documentary that follows Pete Buttigieg’s journey through the 2020 presidential campaign. Directed by Jesse Moss, it opens a year before the 2020 Iowa Caucus and follows his stint as mayor of South Bend , Indiana to his eventual role as President Biden’s Transportation Secretary, a position that made him the first confirmed member of the openly gay cabinet. in the USA. The documentary also includes personal sections that give an in-depth look at her marriage to her husband, Chasten, and her coming-out story.

Finding You – November 12

A romantic comedy coming to Amazon Prime Video this week, Find you is based on the 2011 young adult novel by Jenny B. Jones There you will find me. In the film, directed by Brian Baugh, music student Finley Sinclair travels to a coastal village in Ireland to study for a semester abroad. There she meets movie star Beckett Rush and the two begin a relationship that is ultimately threatened by Beckett’s stardom. Find you stars Rose Reid, Jedidiah Goodacre and Katherine McNamara. The film hit theaters in May 2021 but will arrive on Amazon Prime Video for its first streaming appearance on November 12.

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Lioness: The Nicola Adams Story (Amazon Original) – November 12

Lioness The Story of Nicola Adams

Amazon documentary Lioness: The Story of Nicola Adams follows the life and career of former British professional Olympic boxer Nicola Adams, who retired in 2019 with an unbeaten record. Adams has been active in all parts of the production that follows her from her tactile education in Leeds, UK, to her first fight at 13 and until she became an Olympic boxing champion. . As well as being the first female boxer to become an Olympic champion when she won gold at the London 2012 Olympics, Adams is also an important LGBTQ + figure. Her victory at the 2012 Olympics also made her the first openly LGBTQ + person to win an Olympic gold in boxing.

Always Jane – November 12

Always Jane Noury ​​Amazon

Always Jane is a four-part docuseries that follows the LGBTQ + coming-of-age story of transgender teenager Jane Noury ​​as she prepares to leave her home in a small town in New Jersey to go to university. The series focuses on her support and caring family who help Jane through every step of her transition. As well as being a heartwarming and moving story, the series promises to help increase broader cultural knowledge of the complications and struggles of the trans experience.

The Curse of the Chippendales (Amazon Exclusive) – November 12

The curse of the Chippendales

In these four-part Amazon-exclusive docuseries, The curse of the Chippendales follows the rise and fall of the famous strippers, the Chippendales. The series explores the cultural phenomenon and how the Chippendales became so successful under the direction of its business owner, Somen “Steve” Banerjee, that he was able to tour the United States successfully. He also mixes history with real crime as he delves into the deaths of Banerjee’s business partner and Chippendale choreographer Nick De Noia. The series includes interviews with the original dancers and business leaders of the Chippendales.

New to Amazon IMDb TV

Jack Black Odeya Rush and Dylan Minette in Goosebumps

In addition to adding content to Amazon Prime Video for Prime members, the audience can also see new content on IMDb TV, which is owned by Amazon. While a Prime subscription is required for additional content on Amazon Prime Video, IMDb TV is an ad-supported streaming service so all of its content can be watched on demand at no additional cost outside of the commercial break. occasional. Last week saw the premiere of Judge Justice, an original IMDb TV series that succeeds the very long Judge Judy. This week, IMDb TV adds 2015 Goose bumps. The film is based on children’s horror books by Goose bumps author RL Stine (who makes a cameo appearance in the film), and in a meta-twist sees Jack Black portray a fictional version of the author himself when the monsters in his tales are unleashed and must be sent back to their pages.

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