Best movies and TV shows on Disney+ and Paramount+ from November 19 to 20, 2022

Paramount+ and Disney+ have offered various options to watch this weekend, including two epic returns for beloved family movies. Additionally, Disney+ has introduced some exciting documentary series that showcase the dangers and reprieve present in the world, and Paramount+ has added a special new comedy contest that shows the importance of raising funds for the disenfranchised. in the world. So there are plenty of impactful movies and shows for everyone on Saturday and Sunday.

Limitless With Chris Hemsworth Premieres on Disney+ November 16

Chris Hemswort Unlimited

Thor Star Chris Hemsworth travels the world and discovers healthy ways to live better, longer. He pushes himself beyond his limits to overcome immense challenges that could impact his lifespan. Hemsworth’s findings could open doors for how people can live fitter, healthier and happier lives. The series consists of six episodes lasting between 45 and 76 minutes, during which Hemsworth interviews locals and learns the ins and outs of these traditions and methods.

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Paramount+ added a minority report to its library this month

minority report - tom cruise looks away.

Minority reportThe premise of featured a futuristic setting where psychics could predict crimes, creating a world where agents could catch criminals before they commit the crime. Stephen Spielberg directed the film, which tells an intriguing story about a rogue Precrime officer’s mission to uncover the truth. The film also provided social commentary on multiple societal issues outside of crime. Twenty years later, the film still holds significance and would be worth revisiting this weekend.

The Santa Clauses series premiered on Disney+ on November 16

Santas with TIm Allen

Santa Clauses brings back Tim Allen’s beloved character, Scott Calvin, who learned the importance of Christmas after becoming Santa Claus through a contract deal. Scott has maintained his career as Santa for the past 30 years, but Christmas is in danger after people lose their holiday spirit. In the series, Scott learns that he can retire from his position if he wishes, so he considers finding a replacement, so he can return to his family full-time.

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Disney+ added the Atlas of Cursed Places on November 16

atlas of cursed places

For National Geographic fans, Atlas of cursed places follows Sam Sheridan’s journey around the world. Sheridan, author and adventurer, explores the most cursed places on Earth, immersing himself in the history, folklore and culture of these dangerous places. Her work shines a light on the people who live near these iconic landmarks and what these stories mean to them.

Pickled Premieres on Paramount+ November 17


Marine is a two-hour sports comedy special featuring well-known industry celebrities including Emma Watson, Will Ferrell, Luis Guzman and many more. The competition divides the celebrities into eight teams and their athletic abilities are tested in a fierce match of pickleball. Additionally, the show will publicize Comic Relief, a safety program that deals with the heartbreaking impact of poverty, homelessness and other debilitating changes in people’s lives. After each match, fun and engaging interviews with celebrities are offered, inspiring viewers to watch and donate to the cause.

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Disenchanted Premieres on Disney+ November 18

Disenchanted Trailer: Amy Adams as Giselle wearing a yellow dress and waving a wand.

Fifteen years later DelightedAmy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden and Idina Menzel reprise their roles in a new sequel titled Disillusioned. The original film featured an animated princess forced into the live-action world of New York City. In the sequel, the characters move to suburban Monroeville. New characters join the gang in this new adventure, filled with whimsical music and romance. Fans of the original film don’t want to miss this new installment.

Disney+ added Mickey Mouse’s Wonderful Autumn on November 18

mickey mouse's wonderful autumn

Mickey Mouse’s Wonderful Autumn continue the animated series The wonderful world of Mickey Mouse. The original series premiered on November 18, 2020, and received generally favorable reviews from critics. The series was renewed in November 2021, including four new seasonal specials, starting with Mickey Mouse’s Wonderful Winter in February 2022. This final episode of the four-part series wraps up the specials. The specials tell a touching story about Mickey Mouse and his friends.

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