Best Movies and Shows Featuring Eminem’s Music

From Elvis soundtrack featuring an exclusive track from “Lose Yourself” featured in the trailer for Minions: The Rise of Gru, Eminem’s discography finds its way into various places. The Detroit rapper had his own movie dates with his semi-autobiographical film 8 miles as well as other films for which he contributed soundtracks, including the likes of Left, Venomand much more.

Considering Slim Shady’s impact on pop culture, it’s no surprise to find several other movies and shows that incorporate his signature rap tracks.


ten Real Steel – Until I Crumble

Hugh Jackman in Real Steel

real steel is definitely one of the best and most unconventional boxing movies of recent times. So, it’s only fitting for a powerful anthem like “Till I Collapse” to feature in a story about robot boxers battling in the ring. The song plays as protagonist Charlie battles with his new competitor Noisy Boy, a robot fighter designed in the likeness of a samurai.

Not only are Eminem’s expressive bars scene-worthy, but Nate Dogg’s chorus of fire is equally motivating. Lyrics like “Until the roof comes off, until the lights go out, until my legs give out, I can’t shut my mouth“are tailor-made for a sports film.

9 Human Resources – The Monster

Connie coaching Becca gives birth in human resources

A Netflix spin-off TV show Loudmouth, Human Resources tends to focus on the daily misadventures of the so-called “hormonal monsters” that accompany every human being. Going back to the beginning, the first episode of Human ressources ends with the character Becca giving birth to a child.

In a dark and fun way, Eminem and Rihanna’s collaboration “The Monster” begins to play. It’s only fair that “Lovebug” Emma isn’t impressed with the child’s appearance because she too feels like the youngster looks like a monster. Only one of MMLP2“The Monster” is one of Eminem’s most introspective tracks as he reminisces about the inner demons that plagued his life.

8 Cradle 2 The Grave – Sleep

Anthony is looking at someone and Su is looking at Anthony

An aggressive diss track directed at Ja Rule, “Go To Sleep” is an aggressive needle drop that might not suit everyone’s musical tastes. But in the context of the action thriller Cradle 2 The Grave, that seems more than adequate. The film stars martial artist star Jet Li with rapper-turned-actor DMX.

In fact, DMX also joins the track marking this as his first collaboration with Eminem. Shady Records alumnus Obie Trice also contributes a verse. “Go To Sleep” is one of those tracks from Eminem’s career in the early 2000s, when he was ready to go all out to warn his suitors not to mess with him.

seven 8 Mile – Miscellaneous

Eminem in 8 miles

Play B Rabbit in 8 miles, Eminem tried his hand at acting delivering a performance that was acclaimed by critics and fans alike. The story was inspired by Em’s own upbringing in Detroit as his character evolves from an aspiring rapper with stage fright to one of the wildest fight rappers.

In the film, his last three rap battles offer a masterclass in wrestling while Oscar-winning debut single “Lose Yourself” has become an inspirational cult favorite. The soundtrack features other lesser-known Eminem gems such as “Love Me”, “8 Mile” and “Rap Game”, a track by his former hip-hop group D12.

6 The Equalizer – Guts Over Fear

Denzel Washington on the Equalizer poster

Released in the 1990s, Eminem has an artistic legacy that continues to inspire new-age artists. With “Guts Over Fear,” Eminem takes a back seat and talks about his current status as an industry veteran. He regrets the times he hurt people in his career while expressing his fear now that his career may be coming to an end.

The song gained popularity when it played in trailers for Denzel Washington’s opening act. The equalizer movies, also playing during the end credits. Since the Washington characters are also a man with a broken past, Eminem’s track from the compilation album SHADYXV seems to be the ideal solution.

5 Venom Series – Venom and Last Standing

From Spider-Man to Batman, Eminem is a big fan of comic book characters, and it was time for him to record some exclusive superhero-themed songs. The Venom The franchise proved to be Eminem’s call to the comic book genre. In the first film, he performed the title track which plays during the end credits sequence. The smith even added the track to his 2018 album Suicide bomber.

As for the second Venom adventure, Eminem stepped in for a guest verse for Skylar Gray’s song “Last One Standing” in which Polo G and Mozzy also get verses. Devoted Eminem fans would know that this is one of many collaborations between Em and Grey. The duo recorded hit singles such as “I Need a Doctor”, “Kill For You” and others.

4 More than the game – forever

Separate images of Eminem in Forever video and More than a Game poster

Back when Drake was debuting, one of his most high-profile collaborations was “Forever,” a song about success and never giving up. Joining the Canadian rapper are gaming icons like Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Eminem. The song found its way into basketball player LeBron James’ 2009 documentary More than a game with a mention in Eminem’s Relapse.

The latter’s verse is considered one of his best guest verses and was so influential that his fellow collaborators decided to rewrite their verses. According to the Eminem fan site LeftiesKanye West canceled dates and took two days to write a new verse after listening to Eminem’s.

3 Left – Miscellaneous

According to a Empire 2010 article, Eminem was supposed to star in boxing drama left-handed. However, as audiences saw, Jake Gyllenhaal ultimately played the role of the angry boxer who tries to make a comeback after the death of his wife. Still, Eminem continued to curate the soundtrack by also recording a few exclusive singles such as “Phenomenal” and “Kings Never Die”.

The first plays during a practice montage when main character Billy Hope trains with his trainer. While “Phenomenal” serves as a self-assertive anthem, the second track “Kings Never Die” is more victorious in its sound. No wonder he plays during the end credits to mark Hope’s return to the ring.

2 Elvis – The King and I


The star-studded soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s latest musical biopic Elvis features several reworkings of the titular Rock n’ Roll star’s greatest hits. A typical example is Cee Lo Green and Eminem’s single “The King and I” which samples Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock”.

As the title makes clear, Eminem uses the lyrics not only to express his respect for Presley, but also to express how he thinks the two of them would have bonded with each other. He goes on to discuss parallels such as how they’ve both been hailed as “kings” in their respective genres and how they both owe their fame to black music influences.

1 Full-bodied – Miscellaneous

An ongoing rap battle in Bodied

With Eminem as producer, Corsica might be the best feature film about the art of fight rap after 8 miles. Doubling as a coming-of-age story for a budding fighter, Corsica tackles the battles, controversies, and cageless drama of it all. Real-life battle rappers such as Dizaster and Dumbfoundead also have roles to play, adding an authentic touch to the film.

As is evident, the soundtrack is filled with a few Eminem songs such as “Freak” in which he teamed up with Anderson .Paak and WESTSIDE BOOGIE, and the title track “Bodied” by fellow D12 member dEnAun . The soundtrack is also produced by Eminem’s own Shady Records.

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