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Right now, the TV anime Digimon Adventure: has delivered another key visual and trailer!

The new visual and trailer showcase the DigiDestined and their Digimon accomplices, just like Mega WarGreymon in real life.

A special video for the integrated song “Break the chain” by Takayoshi Tanimoto was also unveiled.

Digimon Adventure: is a reboot of the 1999 television anime arrangement Digimon Adventure. Set in the year 2020, digital assaults are undermining harmony in the digital world, possessed by Digimon. At one point, seven children are brought together from their normal lives to the digital world to fulfill their fate as DigiDestined and save the two close universes from their Digimon accomplices.

Upcoming Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna has delivered its latest trailer!

Faithful to the establishment will feel a touch of nostalgia upon hearing Ravel’s Bolero as the soundtrack of the video, as it was featured in the first Digimon movie in 1999, just like in the television anime.

As the twentieth commemoration project and “final” section of the Digimon adventure, Last Evolution Kizuna will not only follow Taichi (the first pioneer of DigiDestined) and the other companies in Japan, but will also roam overseas with characters. like Davis, Ken, and Cody.

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna will be released in films across Japan on February 21.

20 years after the presentation of the first anime, Digimon Adventure will have an anime reboot in April 2020!

With an advanced transformation taking place in 2020, the new world of Digimon Adventure is where organizations are fundamental to everyday existence. While cyber terrorism compromises harmony, people still ignore the presence of those who live in the endless digital world – the Digimon.

Yagami Taichi and co will be back as elementary school liners. After Taichi rushes to Shibuya to help his mother and sister, abandoned on a train that won’t stop, he is made aware of his DigiDestined fate and taken to the computerized world. There, he meets his future accomplice Digimon Agumon.

Upcoming Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Movie Kizuna has delivered their main trailer and banner!

The trailer highlights Taichi, who was in elementary school when the experiment began, as a college understudy. As an unfortunate revelation from the Digimon Menoa specialist indicates, since the DigiDestined turn out to be adults, their Digimon accomplice is disappearing.

As the twentieth commemoration project and the final installment of the Digimon adventure, Last Evolution Kizuna will not only follow Taichi (the first pioneer of DigiDestined) and the other companies in Japan, but will also roam overseas with characters. like Davis, Ken and Cody.

The title of the most recent film from well-known establishment Digimon has been confirmed as Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, and it will open on February 21, 2020!

Last section of the Digimon adventure, it is coordinated by Taguchi Tomohisa with content from Yamatoya Akatsuki, and Tachikawa Seiji replaces the leader of the boss movement. As recently stated, Seki Hiromi will be directing with Nakatsuru Katsuyoshi taking care of the character plans and Watanabe Kenji providing the Digimon character plans.

Upcoming Digimon Adventure movie has uncovered a 30-second trailer and mysterious visual as well as a statement it will make in Spring 2020!

The trailer includes the DigiDestined having a good time in the summer around this time with an expanded description of Taichi. The visual, produced by character creator Nakatsuru Katsuyoshi, shows Taichi and his accomplice Digimon Agumon looking at each other as they shake hands.

The well-known Digimon Adventure anime will be praising its twentieth commemoration on March 6, 2019!

A recently delivered key visual highlights some of the DigiDestined alongside their loyal Digimon friends, including heroes Yagami Taichi and Agumon.

A choice of dedicated pixel crafting products will be available from Village Vanguard starting March 6, with GraffArt offering an assortment of sketch-style things starting March 20.

Among the biggest and most amazing aspects of anime legends, there are more humble, but equally commendable, characters: the young! In addition to the fact that they are sometimes as capable as adults, they can also accomplish accomplishments which are unequivocally imaginable from the fact that they are children.

To discover fan choices for cartoons featuring children, Anime! Anime! conducted a study between April 24 and May 1 among 161 respondents overall. There was also an incredible tie of 6 different animes coming in at seventh place, so a total of 12 animes made it into the recap. Ready to discover the best titles?

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