3 New Ideas For Unannounced Star Trek Shows In Production

Star Trek has two shows in production and we hope they use one of these ideas.

Star Trek will be adding more shows to the lineup in the not-too-distant future, with Alex Kurtzman confirming to fans at San Diego Comic-Con that two more shows are in production as we speak. The two most likely candidates are the long-awaited Section 31 series and a spin-off Seven of Nine series.

Neither show appeals to fans the way Strange New Worlds did, although if Seven of Nine is less about herself, and more about her as the captain of a ship, it can be a beast altogether. different.

However, let’s leave Section 31 in development hell, shall we? Few fans really want to see Starfleet villains running around and torturing people. That would be rude and just plain rude. We have three other shows that we would like to see that would make more sense in the long run.

Quick note, a Worf-centric show has been considered, but let’s see how Michael Dorn does with reuniting Picard before greenlighting another Next Generation show.

Three Ideas We’re Hoping For The Next Star Trek Series

Business revival

All we want are babies T’Pal and Archer, who travel back in time to save Charles “Trip” Tucker and the crew as they go on an adventure. That’s it. That’s the whole show.

The rebirth of Voyager

Kate Mulgrew has super hinted that the casting might not be done. It’s on the record that the cast wants another hit onscreen and from the sound of it, something might be afoot. Maybe that means surprise cameos in Picard or Prodigy, or maybe that means a Seven of Nine spin-off series could focus on the Voyager crew. Who knows, but we want our favorite character from Star Trek: Voyager to come back, at least once more. And yes, that includes Neelix.

USS Farragut (James Kirk prequel)

The best idea for a spin-off series is one featuring James Kirk on the USS Farragut, venturing into space while flirting with all the hot space babes he finds. It would be a neat show for the fact that it would show us how Kirk would react to authority, as opposed to how he would lead. It would be a nice change of pace for a character we almost never see except as a captain.

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