10 Sci-Fi Shows That Are Only Worth Watching Once

With the abundance of TV shows on TV and streaming services (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu), it’s often hard for fans to find a good show to get their teeth into. It can be daunting to choose a long-running show like game of thrones, Friends, or otherwise, but some fans are looking for a short and unique series.

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There are dozens of shows worth watching, but in the realm of science fiction, there are far fewer. Fans can search for a one-watch series to ensure there is a satisfying conclusion without needing to rewatch the series. Although, some shows are only worth watching once because they have a short storyline, lead into another spin-off, or resolve details from a previous series or movie.

ten The stories of The Loop’s exciting elements can be lost on a rewatch

Illustration from Tales of the Loop by Simon Stalenhag

Tales from the Loop is a fantastic Amazon Prime series consisting of one season of eight episodes. Tales from the Loop is based on the work and story of artist Simon Stålenhag. Set in the fictional town of The Loop, the sci-fi show follows the townspeople as they experience strange occurrences. From friendly encounters with robots to disturbing time travel, toilet talesp is a wonderful sight for any sci-fi fan.

Since the series is so short and each episode is basically a mini-story, Tales from the Loop is best watched once to fully immerse yourself in the stories of the citizens of The Loop. Additionally, the fact that the overarching narrative is generally a mystery thriller means that many of its intriguing factors are lost on a second watch.

9 Alien Worlds only lasts four episodes

Alien in a field

Another must-have for science fans is Netflix’s four-episode docuseries. On the border between science fiction and real-world science, Alien worlds look at four different planets in the solar system. The show speculates on how life may have evolved differently on each planet while applying scientific knowledge.

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Like many documentaries, Alien worlds interviews scientists from a variety of fields to present their views on the potential biology and physics involved in evolution on other planets. Similar to Tales from the Loop, Alien Worlds is a good unique watch because of its short duration. However, it certainly does not disappoint; with a host of interesting ideas and excellent visuals.

8 Altered Carbon has an easy to follow story

Man looks over a city

Altered carbon is available on Netflix and only two seasons away, it’s not an intimidating watch. Based on the dark cyberpunk novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan, Altered carbon is essential for fans of the cyberpunk genre.

As with some shows based on novels, Altered carbon is great because it doesn’t rework the original story too much or stray too far from it. This makes it an ideal one-watch show, as it has an immersive world and an easy-to-follow story.

7 Picard requires only one watch

Jean Luc Picard in an orchard with his dog

picard is a must-have watch for everyone star trek fan. Available on Amazon, picard is currently airing its second season and is set eighteen years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. picard sees the return of the legendary Patrick Stewart as the titular Picard, along with favorites such as Brent Spiner as Data and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine.

With the announcement of a third season and the return of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, picard is a unique watch ideal for any fan (or non-fan) to enjoy while binging the star trek saga.

6 The scope is long but has no details

The Extended Pose Cast

An original from Amazon, The extent lasts six seasons. The extent is based on the series of novels by James SA Corey, the common pen name of authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. The extent Set hundreds of years in the future after Earth has colonized the solar system and involves mysterious plots and thrilling elements as Mars and Earth hover on the brink of war.

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Unfortunately, the show was canceled due to financial difficulties. With its finale settling the details, it’s safe to say that The extent is ideal for a turn-your-brain-off binge watch.

5 Into The Badlands is great for a watch, but not intriguing enough for a second

Nick Frost and Daniel Wu

In the Badlands is an interesting take on the dystopian genre. The show followed Daniel Wu’s Sunny through the feudal realm known as the Badlands. In the Badlands was a welcome change from the usual sci-fi shows when it started streaming on Amazon in 2015, as it involves fantastically choreographed martial arts and a great cast. Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz, Paul) and Marton Csokas (lord of the rings, kingdom of heaven) star of this science fiction series.

In the Badlands is a fantastic unique watch due to its easy-to-follow plot and fun action sequences, but the story isn’t intriguing enough to warrant a new watch.

4 Nightflyers is good the first time around, but its lazy plot doesn’t justify another watch

The Nightflyer Crew

Based on the book of the same name by George RR Martin, night thieves is a wonder of a season of a show. Located in 2093, night thieves follows the crew of the Nightflyer spacecraft as they venture into the far reaches of space on a research mission. Their mission turns into survival after terrifyingly violent events occur on the ship.

night thieves worth watching due to RR Martin’s beautifully created world and the show’s excellent visuals. However, the visuals don’t make up for a lazy plot, so night thieves is best for half-hearted binge-watchers.

3 Children Of Dune’s Story Is Good But Its Visuals Are A Product Of Its Time

Paul Atreides / James McAvoy

Children of Dune is currently on the front page of Amazon Prime after the success of the recent Dunes movie. Children of Dune is based on the novel by Frank Herbert and stars James McAvoy as Paul Atreides. With just three episodes, the sci-fi series works within the predetermined structure of Herbert’s novel and doesn’t stray from the story, making it a must-watch for fans of the Dunes universe.

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McAvoy does an outstanding job of portraying Emperor Paul. Although the visuals are a product of their time, the world Herbert created is brought to the small screen in an interesting and unassuming way. However, Children of Dune doesn’t warrant a new watch because its visuals and CGI are so clearly a product of their time.

2 The foundation has a fantastic cast and aesthetic but suffers from sloppy writing

Foundation Poster

AppleTV Foundation was admired for its stunning visual effects and sci-fi world-building and is a physics fan’s dream. From spaceships forming black holes to almost feudal civilizations ruling distant planets, Foundation perfectly walks the border between the old and the new world.

With Lee Pace (The Hobbit) and Jared Harris (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows), Foundation is well cast but suffers slightly from a thoughtless story. Although Foundation is a must-watch because of its aesthetics and visuals, it’s only worth one viewing because of its sloppy writing and storytelling.

1 Dark is best appreciated when considering the story as a whole

Boy in yellow coat

Set in a sleepy German village, Netflix’s Dark is an exciting journey through time. In a manner similar to Tales from the Loop, Dark balances character-driven drama with sci-fi, examining the hidden lives of the town’s citizens as they search for two missing children.

At only twenty-six episodes, Dark can easily be watched in a weekend. Dark was well received by the public and is the most appreciated during the retrospective examination of the whole story.

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