10 heroes who deserve their own shows on Disney+

As the MCU sinks deeper into Phase 4, it leaves behind some of its core members. Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and Bruce Banner are gone or fade into the background, and the next MCU outing, Thor: Love and Thunder, also possibly the last trick of the thunder god.

As these characters step back, they allow new MCU heroes to shine. One of Marvel’s best platforms for introducing new characters has been Disney+, which recently debuted moon knight and Ms. Marvel and will come out She-Hulk: Lawyer in August. The potential for new shows is essentially limitless given the massive stable of MCU heroes who still haven’t made it to the small screen.


Harley Keener

Harley Keener works on the Iron Man armor.

After faking his own death and going on the run iron man 3, Tony Stark is confronted by a kid with a gun who wants to know why Iron Man is breaking into his garage. They develop a quick friendship, and eleven years later Keener can be seen at Stark’s funeral in Avengers: Endgame.

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Harley’s technical and mechanical skills were on full display in Iron man 3. Considering the amount of Stark technology Tony gave him at the end of the film, a show about him should be able to find plenty of ways to explore those skills. A Keener-centric series would also allow the MCU to bring Iron Man back for a final farewell.

America Chávez

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez

One of the newest additions to the MCU, America Chavez was first introduced in Dr Strange and the Multiverse Madness. One of the strongest Phase 4 MCU characters, Chavez has the power to travel the multiverse at will, and the film’s ending saw her honing her abilities with masters of the mystical arts.

The MCU has just started looking into its concept of the multiverse, and a show about Chavez would give Feige and Co. a different platform to explore it. It would also provide a fantastic vehicle for introducing new MCU characters, as well as those that Disney recently acquired the rights to like the X-Men.

Mobius Mr. Mobius

Loki Episode 1 Mobius

Mobius was introduced in the first season of Loki as one of the key employees of the Time Variance Authority, which watches over the multiverse and protects the “sacred timeline”. Kind and loyal, Mobius is disillusioned with TVA when he discovers the dark methods used to eliminate time variants and keep the organization staffed.

After the Multiverse’s rampage at the end of Season 1, Prime Mobius is lost in the Multiverse, but presumably still alive. So his own show could explore what happens to Mobius after his split from Loki, or it could go back to his TVA days. Either would provide good opportunities to bring back favorite old MCU characters from other universes, and since Mobius stole the show on Lokiit seems fair to give him the opportunity to fly solo.


Okoye standing in front of the other warriors of Wakanda

A fierce and highly skilled warrior, Okoye is the general of the Dora Milaje, an elite special forces unit in Wakanda. She is actually the head of all the Wakandan armed forces and personally responsible for the security of the Black Panther.

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Okoye has already appeared in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and her brief appearance on this show made one thing clear: the Dora Milaje are becoming a more active force in world events. A hardcore spy thriller type show seems a bit outside the wheelhouse of Disney+, but it would be a perfect showcase for Okoye to shine.

Korg and Miek

First introduced in Thor: Ragnarok, these two faithful friends have followed Thor in all his adventures since the destruction of Asgard. One of the best pair of supporting characters in the MCU according to some fans, they’re back in the new Thor: Love and Thunder.

When the audience first encounters Korg and Miek, they are being held as slaves to the Grand Master in the fighting pits of Sakaar. Korg’s failed revolution got him there, but Miek doesn’t have a backstory, and a Disney+ show could rectify that. Everything Taika Waititi touches turns to comedic gold these days, and MCU execs would be wise to capitalize on that.

Ned Leeds

Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds in No Way Home

The MCU has done a lot of adaptation for the character of Ned Leeds, who in the comics is an abusive husband and eventually takes on the mantle of Hobgoblin. In the MCU, Ned hasn’t become his superpowered counterpart and is a kind and genuine friend to Peter Parker.

After the events of Spider-Man: No Coming Home, however, Ned forgets his friendship with Peter and his secret identity as Spider-Man. His friendship with Peter was so much a part of who he was, and it would be fascinating to see who Ned becomes without that friendship. Does he go to MIT and stay the same lovable goof, or does he start leaning into some of his darker comic book tendencies?


Valkyrie holds a sword in Avengers: Endgame

An Asgardian warrior and former scrapper to the Grandmaster of Sakaar, Valkyrie’s painful past has spawned a strong and confident hero. While Thor didn’t venture with the Guardians of the Galaxy, the reign of New Asgard fell to Valkyrie, leading to unpopular opinions of Valkyrie from some fans.

Although it has recently been the subject of a Legends episode on Disney+, MCU audiences need more Valkyrie. Actress Tessa Thompson is incredibly talented, and the character’s rich, sad backstory has plenty of potential storylines to offer. With a new Thor movie was coming out, now would be the perfect time to announce that Valkyrie would also have her own show.

Katy Chen

Awkwafina as Katy in Shang Chi, Driving a Bus and Getting Ready for Battle

One of Shang-Chi’s closest friends from a young age, Katy is feisty and reckless yet fiercely loyal. She is also shown to be a sharpshooter with a bow, her combat skill second only to her prodigious karaoke skills.

Awkwafina was brilliant in the role, and the multifaceted nature of the character would allow a potential series to go in several different directions. It could explore Katy’s evolving combat abilities or take a more comedic approach. It would also allow for further exploration of the dimension of Ta Lo, which so far has only appeared in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

Former SHIELD leader Nick Fury was responsible for assembling Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the first avengers film. Since then, he’s appeared in all phases of the MCU and his role in the upcoming Secret Invasion the series is once again making fans talk about him.

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Fury has been the connective tissue of the MCU from the start, even more so than Iron Man. Audiences got a glimpse of his past in movies like Captain Marvel, but we still know so little about Fury. Samuel L. Jackson is clearly enjoying the role and he’s incredibly popular with fans. A Nick Fury series with him at the helm would likely be one of Disney+’s biggest draws in terms of viewership.


Wong fighting in the streets in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The current Sorcerer Supreme, Wong is a longtime master of the mystical arts and an ally of the Avengers. He’s been pretty busy in the MCU lately, and with the rifts in the multiverse widening, his skills will only become more important in Phase 4.

Wong has been deftly intertwined between MCU movies lately, appearing in Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and Shang Chi. However, he always ends up being a sidekick, and the character deserves more. Actor Benedict Wong brings just the right amount of affectionate snark to the character, and he’s earned the chance to show off exactly why he earned the Sorcerer Supreme title.

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