10 Best Shows Like The Wilds

Critically acclaimed and popular with the general public, The Savages is easily one of the best survival shows out there. As a group of teenage girls get caught up in a teenage experience on an island, chaos ensues and continues in the show’s recent second season.

While the Prime Video original stands out on its own, comparisons to other survival classics like Lost or recent offers like squid game and yellow jackets are obvious. These equally beloved shows can make great companions once viewers finish the island drama’s final season.

The 100 (2014-2020)

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Eliza Taylor on The 100

In a dystopian future, the survivors of humanity have taken shelter from the dangers of Earth’s outer environment. The 100 then takes care of the young delinquents who are sent to check if the planet is still habitable.


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Like The Savages also deals with a similar social experiment turned quest for survival, the teen drama will appeal to fans of the former. The teenage demographics of the main characters is another similarity to The Savages. If viewers also need a show that recalls tropes from YA novels like The hunger Games and Divergentso The 100 serves as the perfect watch.

Squid Game (2021-)

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Netflix adds 3 movies made by Squid Game Creator

The Korean thriller that took the world by storm, squid game reinvented the “battle royale” formula with dangerous and creative games. With hordes of people willingly joining a deadly competition to pay off their debts, they go through games ranging from Tug of War to Hopscotch.

What could have been a cliched attempt at the survival genre has become an extremely original phenomenon. Aside from the larger storyline that is uncovered towards the end, squid game benefits greatly from its main characters and the socio-political commentary they evoke as well as its multicolored geometric production design. Viewers may have seen these games before, but not in a larger than life way.

Lost (2004-2010)

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All the characters from Lost (2004)

Before JJ Abrams made big budget movies, he orchestrated Lost which is still considered one of the best shows of the 2000s. Although it begins by following the ordeals of survivors of a plane crash, the show continues to incorporate genres like fantasy and science fiction .

Yes The Savages arouses the interest of the public to discover more classics of the survival genre, then Lost made for viewing par excellence. In fact, many other later multi-genre shows were heavily inspired by Lost. Whether it’s character-driven stories or internal conflict between survivors, Lost provides high quality addictive dramas.

Yellow Vests (2021-)

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One of the most acclaimed shows of the last year was yellow jackets. A little like The Savagesits premise kicks off with a plane crash, though this one is set in 1996. As the teenage high school footballers survive a grueling 19 months, their lives change forever, as seen in their current lives in 2021.

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The constant time jumps make the plot more introspective. Often, survival shows can simply succumb to presenting the horrors of survival in the wilderness. However, in yellow jackets, the adult survivors have passed the island and yet must deal with the horrors of their teenage years. These psychological elements make it the ideal companion for The Savagesboth of which can be considered realistic works of horror.

Snowdrop (2019-)

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Based on the Bong Joon-ho movie of the same name (which itself was based on a French graphic novel), snowdrops has all the makings of a survival drama, but it breaks the norm of not using a tropical island as a setting. Instead, it takes place on a train that houses humanity’s last survivors as the outside world freezes to destructive levels. Inside the titular train, a hierarchy exists between those in power and the underdog.

It is this theme of social inequality that shows the main characters as pawns ready to fight for their freedom. With such heroic ideals present in contemporary shows like The Savages and squid game, snowdrops becomes not only entertaining but also socially relevant.

The White Lotus (2021-)

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The cast of The White Lotus arriving at the beaches of the titular resort

A satirical comedy about the ultra-rich, The White Lotus deals with the lives of the many wealthy people who visit a Hawaii retreat for a relaxing vacation. However, as the days pass, chaos ensues with families fighting, marriages broken up and the resort manager losing patience.

The main characters of The White Lotus are “imperfectly imperfect” with each of their morally gray areas leaving room for interpretation. It’s not your typical survival show with people stranded on an island as the characters voluntarily sign up for a hassle-free vacation. However, the ensuing conflicts make it dramatic enough to impress fans of more intense survival shows like The Savages.

Gilligan’s Island (1964-1967)

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Gilligan's Island

Before The Savages and before Lostthere was Gilligan’s Island. The influential ’60s sitcom was about seven strangers stranded on an island after a violent storm. As they struggle to coexist together, they also elaborate on their failed attempts to escape.

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A delightful comedy of errors, Gilligan’s Island is a must-have watch for all adventure TV aficionados. Today, he’s been referenced in multiple genre homages while Bob Denver’s protagonist, Gilligan, has become a cultural icon in his own right.

Castaway (2016–2018)

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Ally Maki holding a golf club in Wrecked

Whether it’s fictional survival series like Lost or reality TV shows like Survivor, castaway is the best parody of the genre overall. Like any other pick in the genre, the sitcom is about people crashing on a remote island. As they struggle to live without modern conveniences, Destroy takes a hilarious look at how nearly impossible it would be for the average population to live a primitive life.

The Savages can be quite intense with its real life horrors and psychological drama. In this context, Destroy can act as a light break.

Crusoe (2008-2009)

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Robinson Crusoe pointing a gun while Friday watches Crusoe

Serving as both an adaptation and continuation of the adventure novel Robinson Crusoe, this period drama deals with the adventures of the titular protagonist and his companion Friday. Stranded on an island for their own reasons, Robinson Crusoe and Friday team up to not only get out of the middle of nowhere, but also to seek revenge for the circumstances that brought them here.

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The Savages is one of the few survival shows to reinvent the genre for modern audiences. But for viewers who crave an old-school, swashbuckler-style adventure, Crusoe can be a good contrast.

Panic (2021)

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Ray Nicholson as Ray Hall and Olivia Welch as Heather Nill in Panic on Amazon Prime

Located in a quiet rural Texas colony, Panic refers to a game that the graduates of the city must play. Even though the game tests their worst fears and puts their lives in danger, Panic is the only way out of the city limits.

Given how Panic streams on Prime Video, it looks like the streaming giant is trying to replicate the hype created by The Savages. Indeed, the two shows share several similarities when it comes to thematic elements. Despite positive reactions, Panic was canned after a single season. It’s always interesting to speculate what he might have been and if he would have competed The Savages.

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