10 Best Dads In Nickelodeon Shows, Ranked

Nickelodeon has released many amazing cartoons over the years with iconic characters and relatable stories. Many Nickelodeon shows feature beloved father figures that other characters idolize. Series like Hi Arnold! and Danny Phantom are responsible for creating iconic, hilarious and relatable dads.

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Many fathers on Nickelodeon shows have emotional stories that demonstrate their love for their children. These grandfathers are not always biologically related to their children, but their reunited families are always full of love. Nickelodeon’s Best Dads may not be perfect, even though they do their best to be awesome father figures and take care of their kids.

ten Cosmo loves Timmy Turner like a son (The Fairly OddParents)

cosmos of my godparents are magic is portrayed as a stupid character. However, it is undeniable that he loves his family, including his godson Timmy Turner, who loves him very much in return.

Although Cosmo may be oblivious to his surroundings, he really tries to be there for Timmy. Cosmo loves Timmy as if he were his biological son, and Timmy is his favorite godson. No matter what arguments might arise between them, Cosmo would never stop loving Timmy.

9 Professor Membrane is always busy, but he takes time for his children (Invader Zim)

Through Invader Zim, Professor Membrane is quite distant with his children, Dib and Gaz Membrane. However, the professor genuinely cares about his children, even setting fixed times to spend time with them. Professor Membrane may be too busy with science, but he ultimately appreciates his family more.

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In the movie Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, the focus was more on Professor Membrane and his relationship with Dib. Although the Professor struggled to understand his son, he revealed that he was proud of Dib and fought alongside him. Dib and Gaz both love their father, and while he’s not always around to show it, Professor Membrane loves them back.

8 Lynn Loud supports eleven children (The Loud House)

It can be hard to provide for a child, but in The noisy house, Lynn Loud has to provide for the needs of eleven children. Although he may stumble, Lynn does what he can to be there for his family, both financially and emotionally.

Eleven children is a lot to manage, but Lynn and his wife Rita manage to earn enough money to support the whole family. Lynn also makes time to spend time with her children, including her only son Lincoln. Lynn’s ability to provide for his large family is commendable and makes him an admirable father.

seven Hugh Neutron is eccentric but has a strong bond with Jimmy (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron)

In The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Jimmy Neutron was often surprised by his father, Hugh. Hugh is fascinated by ducks and pies and often launches into quirky monologues that baffle his son. Hugh is also quite clumsy, often making situations worse with his actions.

However, Hugh and Jimmy have a strong bond and respect each other. In “Time is Money”, Jimmy altered the story to make his family rich. However, in this timeline, Hugh disliked his son. Jimmy realized how invaluable his father’s love was and moved the timeline back. “Time is Money” showed that although Hugh isn’t everyone’s ideal father, he is still loving.

6 Tenzin was a good mentor to his children and Korra (The Legend of Korra)

In The Legend of KorraTenzin had several airbender children and tried to teach them and his other students the ways of the air nomads. Tenzin strived to be a good teacher and father figure to his children and students.

Although Tenzin often struggled as a teacher, his students and children respected him. Tenzin was willing to admit his flaws and learn from his mistakes, applying what he learned to his teaching methods. Tenzin established positive, fatherly relationships with his children and students, helping them to become powerful airbenders.

5 Rodolfo Rivera/White Pantera valued his family over his reputation (El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera)

In the world of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, no one wants to be known as a coward. It is considered dishonorable to run away from a fight. In the episode “Yellow Pantera”, Manny Rivera was angry when he learned that his father Rodolfo had run away from a fight instead of holding his own.

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Towards the end of “Yellow Pantera”, Manny cried upon learning the truth. Rodolfo didn’t run away because he was scared, he ran away because he didn’t want to risk dying and leaving his family alone. Despite the lack of respect that comes with the label of “coward”, Rodolfo was willing to destroy his reputation if it meant his son hadn’t grown up without a father. Rodolfo loved his family and his son more than how the town perceives him.

4 Jack Fenton has always stepped up to protect his family (Danny Phantom)

In Danny Phantom, Jack Fenton was mocked for his incompetent fighting skills and frequent failures. Jack’s faults led his son, Danny, to view him as a ghost hunter, and Danny was even embarrassed to be seen with him.

However, when Jack’s family was in danger, he quickly stepped up. He single-handedly defeated four ghosts, including Danny’s nemesis, Vlad Plasmius. Jack has proven himself capable of being a great ghost hunter when it comes to protecting his family. He even said “I may be a goof, I could be wrong, but when my family is in danger, I take the gloves off!

3 Master Splinter respected his sons’ differences and gave them more freedom (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Master Splinter adopted four mutant turtles and turned them into skilled ninjas. Master Splinter was a highly respected teacher and the Turtles also considered him their father.

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Master Splinter respected all the differences between the boys. He gave advice to help them learn important lessons and grow as people. Although they spent most of their lives in hiding, Master Splinter decided to give his sons more freedom. This allowed the turtles to solve more problems on their own. Although Splinter is no longer with them, the Turtles cherish and honor his memory.

2 Uncle Iroh was more of a father to Zuko than to Ozai (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Uncle Iroh is one of the most beloved characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender due to his affectionate treatment of his nephew Zuko. Iroh was more of a father to Zuko than the latter’s own father, Firelord Ozai.

Ozai abused and banished his son, but Iroh accompanied the young boy around the world. Despite Zuko’s anger and outbursts, Iroh rarely lost his temper and remained understanding of his nephew. Iroh supported Zuko through thick and thin and helped grow Zuko into a mature and capable person. In The last air MasterIroh and Zuko both admitted to thinking of themselves as father and son.

1 Mr. Hyunh made a huge sacrifice for his daughter (Hey Arnold!)

Viewers were able to see the sad story of Mr. Hyunh and his long-lost daughter Mai in Hi Arnold!. During the Vietnam War, Mr. Hyunh gave up his daughter to give her a better life in America. It was a huge act of fatherly love, but it also caused him a lot of heartache as it meant his daughter would grow up without him.

After Mr. Hyunh emigrated to the United States, he looked for her for a long time. He was getting more and more upset because it looked like he would never find her. Fortunately, Helga G. Pataki helped him find his daughter Mai, creating one of the most emotional episodes of Hi Arnold!. Mr. Hyunh has sacrificed a lot for his daughter, but since his life has improved because of it, he doesn’t regret it at all. This cemented Mr. Hyunh as Nickelodeon’s best dad.

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