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i will be there the first day

Do you remember when I paid homage to 9/9/99 recently (September 9, 1999)? Sound adventure It was a big part of making this day special, and Sega knows it, constantly trotting it for fans.

The latest effort is an official remix of “Welcome to Station Square” with Tee Lopes starring Jun Senoue, the latter having worked on scores for countless Sonic games, and more recently, Sonic Racing Team. For those of you who don’t know, Station Square is a major venue for the grand opening Adventure game, serving as a center of open world exploration.

Sega uploaded this to their YouTube this week with the simple message “it’s time for some musical flashbacks”, which is cheeky to say the least. Although all the buzz about a Sound adventure remake / modern remaster (we had a few already) is entirely made by fans; it goes without saying that Sega would like to exploit the nostalgia and get back to basics following its success with Sonic Mania and their madness with Sound forces.

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